Compliment Scoot

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, Ms. Ericka’s 2nd Grade class was inspired to spread kindness after reading a Valentine’s themed book.  They decorated hearts and came up with some thoughtful compliments for each and every friend in the class. Ms. Ericka called the activity “Compliment Scoot”.  The children “scooted” around to each classmate’s desk […]

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Symmetry in Second

The Art Studio is always oozing with creativity, but especially right now. Our 2nd Grade artists have been learning different watercolor techniques as they continue the study of the Principle of Balance. They recently just finished the study of Symmetry (the even weight of elements on either side of the center of a composition, or […]

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Recently, in 6th grade Current Events, the class was asked to imagine which inspirational woman of wonder they would nominate for the Barbie Sheroes collection. This cross curricular project overlapped with their Language Arts and Technology classes in which they wrote Haiku poems and designed a visual to accompany their research that explores and celebrates […]

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Helping Hands Day

The Busy Bears (and all of their ECE friends) were quite busy creating the most unique and fun crafts from recycled items this January. On January 31st, they opened their classroom doors to sale these awesome crafts and raise money for the Elizabeth A. MacDonald foundation ( We have worked with this wonderful foundation for […]

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Ms. Lisa’s Publishing House

Ms. Lisa’s 5th Grade Tech Lab students have created their own book covers for their assigned novel, Wonder. The students were tasked with creating every part of a book cover; the front, back, spine and inner flaps. This required them to Google search bar codes, author’s photos, other books by the author, publishing houses, etc. […]

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Frog Mummification

Combining curriculum from Math, History, and Science class, the 6th Graders reviewed ancient Egyptian mummification, mixed appropriate ratios to create a custom salt mixture, then dissected and mummified frogs!  Students were in awe after their first dissection, and excited to check back in with the mummification process in 40 days.



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6th Grade Pharaohs

6th Graders are in the middle of a unit where they are completing self portraits using different conceptual parameters. The concept of a self portrait is flexible. A word can describe you. So can a photograph. A simile can stand for you, a metaphor too. Styles change and so does the idea of the self.
To […]

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“Any Dream Will Do”

Hollywood Schoolhouse students are just coming off a very successful run of a magical and inspiring show titled, “Any Dream Will Do.”  “Any Dream Will Do,” was a holiday musical journey, conceived by Mr. Ray, with your favorite holiday music from the stage and the screen!
The show featured our Preschool, Junior Kindergarten, and Elementary Students […]

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