The Journey

Hollywood Schoolhouse is not a short-term program. It’s a building process each day, each year – academically, artistically, physically and socially. We teach students not only what they need to learn, but how they learn best. We instill a joy for learning by providing a safe place for students to take risks, challenge themselves, and grow – we call this inspired learning, fearless curiosity.

The Schoolhouse is comprised of three divisions – Early Childhood, Lower Elementary, and Upper Elementary. Each division covers our five core subject areas – Language Arts, History, Math, Science, and Spanish – differently, while preparing students for the division ahead. These areas of instruction are supported by a deep Enrichment Program that includes: Physical Education, Visual Art, Performance, Music, Technology (beginning in Lower Elementary), Library and a host of Electives (beginning in Upper Elementary). None of what we do would be possible though without our gifted teachers who have answered their calling, are passionate professionals, and are the very best at what they do.