To kick off Passion Projects in Preschool, some of our students’ favorite teachers started the projects off by presenting on some of their own passions!

For example, Ms. Miriam loves to travel, and shared her passion with the Lions who all traveled to Japan, India, and Cuba for her passion week!

Destination #1: Japan
While in Japan, the Lions explored zen gardens, tried sushi (cucumber rolls & avocado rolls), made cherry blossoms, and made Japanese marbling art called suminagashi. They also learned how to count from one to ten in Japanese.

Destination #2: India
The Lions then traveled to India, where Ms. Miriam gave the Lions yoga classes. They also tried mango and banana lassi, worked together on a Taj Mahal watercolor art, and made camels and elephants (Ms. Miriam rode on both while in India). They learned about Diwali, also known as “The Festival of Lights,” and even made rangoli art with watercolors and chalk outside.

What an amazing time the Lions had in Japan and India! They can’t wait to learn more about each other’s passions in the weeks to come!