Our Mission

Hollywood Schoolhouse knows, values, and encourages fearless curiosity. Through a blended program of innovative academics and structured learning, our diverse community inspires students to be academically strong, artistically proud, physically active, and socially grounded.

Our Philosophy

At Hollywood Schoolhouse, we nurture, support, and inspire students throughout their journey in primary education by balancing the best of progressive and traditional instruction. Our focus on academic excellence through a multifaceted curriculum creates students who thrive – with minds nourished, bodies solid, and voices strong.

We are a community of engaged students, passionate educators, bold leaders, and invested families who celebrate the everyday accomplishments that mark diverse individual growth. We work in concert to instill the joy of learning by providing students a safe place to take risks. At Hollywood Schoolhouse, we measure success not only by our graduates’ confidence, poise, and academic strength, but by the truly exceptional citizens they become.

Our Core Values

  • Community

  • Diversity

  • Individuality

  • Curiosity

  • Achievement

  • Character
  • Kindness
  • Compassion