Welcome to Hollywood Schoolhouse!

I am honored to welcome you to our school, where we believe that children need to know who they are and how they learn in order to become exceptional citizens. Every day I enter these doors to a place where critical thinkers and creative learners thrive. Having spent over twenty years working at Hollywood Schoolhouse, I continue to be amazed and inspired by what a true learning community feels like. I have heard it time and time again, “there is a magic here”, and I always reply, “because this is a place where children live.”

Hollywood Schoolhouse is a thriving academic environment where the process of learning is designed as a journey—rather than a destination. We are a community that nurtures, supports, and inspires children by blending traditional educational philosophy with innovative and progressive instruction. Academic excellence is achieved through a multi-faceted curriculum offering students a foundation to become academically strong, artistically proud, physically engaged, and socially active.

With guidance from inspired, professional, and passionate educators, children are encouraged to learn and understand the unique nature of their own natural talents. Beginning as Preschoolers in our Early Childhood program, and all the way through 6th Grade, Hollywood Schoolhouse students are immersed in a learning environment in which they feel safe to take risks and explore their endless potential. As we value learning through action, our students are encouraged to be their best self, question the process, and learn through inquiry. Hollywood Schoolhouse students contribute to the world, as they leave here academically prepared, with their voices strong, their bodies solid, and their minds nourished. We are proud to be a learning environment that celebrates diversity, and believes that the things that make us different as individuals make us stronger as a community.

This website is intended to give you a glimpse of what Hollywood Schoolhouse is all about, but it cannot truly allow you to feel the magic that exists on our campus. I invite you to visit us and take a look at what learning within a community feels like.

Hollywood Schoolhouse is a place where children thrive in their academic endeavors because we value their ideas, encourage their dreams, and know their potential.

I look forward to sharing the magic with you.


Ilise Faye