Second Grade Sale

Do you like raising money to help others? Second graders do! Every year around this time, we focus our attention on helping others, writing persuasive paragraphs, and learning about what it means to produce and consume goods. When you mesh these ideas together, you have the ever […]

2020-02-27T17:50:55-07:00February, 2020|Lower Elementary, News|

Second Grade Writers

The second grade classes are working on strengthening our skills as writers! Our main focus has been on creating a cohesive paragraph. We have discussed starting off with a topic or main idea sentence, providing three key details, and then wrapping up our writing with a […]

2019-11-22T14:05:53-07:00November, 2019|Lower Elementary, News|

Spreading Peace the Kindergarten Way!

By the time the Peace Day Challenge occurred on September 21st, our Kindergarten class was already well on their way to becoming peaceful problem solvers. Since the first day of school, the children have been introduced to peaceful conflict resolution, which is a process that involves students […]

2019-10-04T15:34:50-07:00October, 2019|Lower Elementary, News|

There is Power in this Moment

 by Nicole Costales

Have you ever found yourself asking, “Can I just have a moment?” What moment are you really searching for? How does it look? More importantly, how does it make you feel? My first thoughts go to moments of quiet. Peacesolitude, and calm are just a few words […]

2019-09-11T21:46:36-07:00September, 2019|Lower Elementary, News|

2nd Grade Mock Museum

One of our big projects in 2nd Grade is the Mock Museum. To begin, the each student picks a person of interest, and then reada biography about that person to find facts. Along the way, the students answer guided questions, which help […]

2019-08-31T14:42:49-07:00May, 2019|Lower Elementary|

​Life on a Rancho

Our 3rd Graders recently had the opportunity to visit the Leonis Adobe Museum in Calabasas. They had an amazing day experiencing life on an 1800’s Rancho! Students churned butter, made tortillas, used a mortar and pestle to grind up corn, rounded up cattle, pumped water, […]

2018-04-27T20:24:59-07:00April, 2018|Lower Elementary|

Second Grade Students Travel to Chinatown

The 2nd Grade classes recently took a trip to Chinatown!
It is a 2nd Grade tradition to venture off to Chinatown via The Metro. As a way to prepare for our trip, we read stories in class about a subway station, and celebrating Lunar New Year. We discussed subway safety and etiquette prior to our […]
2018-04-16T17:18:05-07:00March, 2018|Lower Elementary|
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