When I reflect on my time here, I never see it in totality, but rather in the tiny moments that make up all the years. Tiny moments, after all, are what life is all about! And for the past eight years, 1st grade has been such a large part of my own life. First grade has so many of my favorite memories and highlights. Whether it’s learning to read, adding double-digit numbers, or becoming independent writers, these milestones are achieved through the culmination of many small moments.

Since our first day together, every second has been of significance; we have been counting to make new small moments in all that we do. Amongst all these moments, we pause to celebrate the 100th Day of School, a true 1st grade milestone! Celebrating ‘100 everything’ is a 1st grade tradition. We have been building anticipation for this peak moment during our morning meetings by counting up the days in school. Whether it is counting 100 dots on an art piece, reading 100 books, adding and representing numbers within 100, or learning to write 100 different words, the number 100 defines us. For myself, this is an exciting time as it is also a turning point in our relationship together. At this time of the year, I see exceptional growth in each and every one of my students. Students are now noticeably more independent, responsible, and confident. At this moment, students are also highly inquisitive as we look towards wrapping up our 1st grade year.

When I’m not teaching, my passion is yoga; the practice of connecting my mind, my body, my breath, and ultimately, my soul. To get to this place, one must focus on their breath, facilitating a state of mindfulness. As a teacher, I carry this practice not only into my life outside of HSH, but also into my classroom. It is in this state of mindfulness that we truly experience every present moment. As we have rounded the corner to wrap up the year, I plan on savoring every last moment with this special group of students. Now that we are 100 riddles, facts, and days brighter, I look forward to what the rest of the year could be as we mindfully make each moment count!