The second grade classes are working on strengthening our skills as writers! Our main focus has been on creating a cohesive paragraph. We have discussed starting off with a topic or main idea sentence, providing three key details, and then wrapping up our writing with a strong closing sentence. One activity that we did involved creating our own monsters. The children used playdoh, as well as other crafting materials, to design unique creatures. Once the sculpting was done, students wrote descriptive paragraphs telling all about their creations.

     Each week, we have essential questions that guide our language arts activities. Two recent questions that we explored were: “How can pets be our friends?” and “How can we care for pets?”  Many of the children in the class have or had pets, and pets are certainly a favorite topic. We took this as an opportunity to dive deeper into writing. The students were asked to write three paragraphs. The first paragraph described the pet’s features, personality, age, or name. All children were allowed to navigate their description paragraphs. The focus of the second paragraph was how the pet’s needs are met. Students wrote any of their responsibilities in caring for the animals, as well as how the family protected the pets. “How can a pet be a friend?” was the theme of the final paragraph. Children reflected about all of the special moments or activities that they do/did with their special buddies. The paragraphs were edited, conferring with students happened, and final drafts were produced. All of the children were able to write multiple amazing sentences!

     The most recent writing experience that we have worked on is poems about nature. Children were asked to think of an element in nature that fills them with gratitude. We learned about similes and incorporated them into our poetry. A few examples of our beautifully written similes are: the ocean is as big as a galaxy; jewels are as slippery as a wet floor; crystals can be as bumpy as dried up leaves, and the moon’s silvery glow was like a fish’s scales shimmering in the sunlight. The children’s use of similes has blown me away, like a flimsy umbrella on a Chicago day!