In Performance class, our children have been exploring different multicultural dances!  We recently had our Multicultural/Diversity Community Circle, in which the children enjoyed a performance featuring Flamenco and Bollywood dancers. Our Pandas and Penguins were also a hit with their Lunar New Year Dragon Dance! The finale was a choral number titled, “We Are the Children of Tomorrow,” with the Pandas and Penguins singing with their 3rd Grade buddies. This performance also featured a live band with one of our 4th Grade Students on drums.  
Our 5th Grade students were chosen to attend the Blue Ribbon Festival featuring a performance by “Che Malabo.” The children studied an Argentinian form of dance and also learned a short routine that they performed at the end of the performance. This performance was held at the Music Center’s Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, and was quite a fun and exciting music and dance field trip for the 5th Grade Students!