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Happy Spring Break from Ms. Ilise!

We made it! The mad dash to Spring Break is over, and starting this Friday at noon, or after the final show of our spring musical Dear Edwina, we can begin to enjoy some much-needed rest, relaxation, and recuperation.

This time of year marks the start of many new beginnings. It is the beginning of spring, […]

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Supporting Neurodiversity in ECE Conference

Last week I had an opportunity to join other educators, including some of our own Early Childhood and Kindergarten teachers, for the Supporting Neurodiversity in Early Childhood Education conference here on campus. We welcomed educators throughout Southern and Northern California to learn more from Lindsay Astor Grant, a pediatric Occupational Therapist, who focused on classroom […]

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Voicing Our Values: Achievement

What does “achievement” mean to you? How has “achievement” played a role in your time at HSH?

Hi all, my name is Darien Newton. I’m a 2nd Grade Teaching Assistant, and this is my 5th year in the HSH Community. Throughout my time here, I’ve experienced a lot. I’ve DJ’ed […]

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A Transcript of Today’s Morning Meeting

If you aren’t able to attend today’s Morning Meeting, below you can find some of our Community Life Coordinator’s presentation.

Today is a special day because we’re here to talk about something amazing – Black History. Though Black history is important to recognize everyday, February is known nationally as Black History Month. This is a time […]

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Thank You from Student Council!

Hello Everyone,

I want to extend a big thank you to those of you who donated canned foods the past few weeks! The Student Council took those canned items to Food on Foot this past Sunday afternoon, and helped serve food and sanitary items to people experiencing homelessness or severe financial hardship. It was so powerful […]

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Black History and Our Values

In the telling of history, individuals often take the spotlight when it is truly the role of many to create change. This year, in honor of the strength of the collective, we will be celebrating the ways that the people have come together to impact and change our world for the better.

Black history doesn’t need […]

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ERB Testing This Week!

Our 3rd-6th Grade students are hard at work taking their ERB tests, so I wanted to provide some insight into what exactly those tests are, and why they matter.

The name of the actual test is the CTP-5, produced by the Educational Records Bureau, an organization that’s been around since the early 1900s to promote […]

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Voicing Our Values: Curiosity

An Ember Sparks

By Joe Iraggi


That first flame, orange-red remarks

A flicker in the dark of what? 

Of how? Where again, when?

An inkling of feeling leading to a 

Waterfall of searching, wanting

Needing to see, to hear, to be

Something more


A moment dictates […]

2023-12-12T16:21:16-07:00December, 2023|Schoolhouse Scribble|

NAIS People of Color Conference

Several members of our faculty attended the National Association of Independent Schools People of Color Conference this past week. Below are some of the reflections they shared about the conference and their individual experiences.

I’ve been looking into Robin Wall Kimmerer’s idea of gift economy, which suggests that conceiving of something as a gift profoundly changes […]

2023-12-05T17:17:06-07:00December, 2023|Schoolhouse Scribble|
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