In the telling of history, individuals often take the spotlight when it is truly the role of many to create change. This year, in honor of the strength of the collective, we will be celebrating the ways that the people have come together to impact and change our world for the better.

Black history doesn’t need to be confined to the month of February… so, we will be starting the party early with a recap of the core values; community, diversity, individuality, and curiosity, which we have already highlighted this school year. These core values beautifully align with the legacy of Black history, Black present, and Black future that shapes this country.

Did you know that a group of children as young as 7 who wanted things to be more fair for children in school, marched through the streets of Birmingham to spark change and hope for the future?

You will get the opportunity to learn more about these children and many more inspiring groups and people in the coming weeks.

–Abigail H., Community Life Coordinator