2nd Grade Talks Families

We have been exploring the idea of family in 2nd Grade. Specifically, we have been discussing family members working together, caring for one another, as well as caring for the pets we love. Our 2nd Grade friends have enjoyed introducing their own pets or “wishful […]
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Friendship Makes HSH a Special Place

Ms. Nicole and Ms. Cassandra’s Kindergarteners have been focusing on what it really means to be a friend. Our Friendship Unit revolved around this simple question: How do friends get along? After much discussion and action, our Kindergarten friends illustrated ways to be safe and kind, how […]

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Number Bonds in 2nd Grade

Ms. Ericka’s 2nd Grade class has stepped into a new math program! The students have begun to learn different strategies and ways to solve problems. Number bonds is one of those strategies. Number bonds let children see the inverse relationship between addition and subtraction. Subtraction is not a totally different thing […]

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1st Grade Author Study

All year long, 1st Graders focus on different authors, monthly. We pay attention to their writing style, artistic expression, messaging, and of course enjoy the literature. Additionally, our readers get to focus on these elements across subject areas; researching the authors’ websites […]

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Welcome Back to P.E.

As Hollywood Schoolhouse students enjoyed their first week back at school, they also enjoyed their first week back to P.E.! To begin the year, all students started by re-engaging all those muscles they used last year. This meant a lot of running to get them back in the groove. Upper Elementary classes […]

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