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  • Ms. Lisa’s Technology Class

    The Kindergarten through 2nd Grades have been keyboarding and coding. We started with the basics of learning and practicing the QWERTY keyboard, then we moved to coding puzzles; practicing sequencing and looping. The students are loving this and are thinking their way through roadblocks even when the coding gets complicated.   Third Grade has created robots using Google Drawings, these varied and creative robots will be featured on the cover of the Yearbook.   Fourth Grade has completed Slide Shows using Google Slides, their documents were meant to be “How To” presentations, some titles include “How To Survive 4th Grade” [...]

  • Studying Sound in 1st Grade Science

    In 1st Grade, the children have been learning about the concept of sound in Science. The students discussed common animals, machines, and objects that make sound.  They also used cups with rubber bands and flat sticks to produce sound. The children practiced sound discrimination by listening to the sounds that objects make when dropped.  To do this, they played a sound game where one partner dropped an object behind a screen and the other partner had to guess what the object was based on the sound.   Our 1st Grade scientists also investigated two sound systems: a one string guitar [...]

  • The Dolphins and Mat Man

    The Dolphins are exploring the world of Mat Man through music and building. During our whole group activity the Dolphins worked together and created Mat Man. Mat Man is a character from our Learning without Tears program that teaches drawing with a unique approach and strategies to help the children develop strong drawing and cognitive skills.

  • Academically strong and socially grounded in 3rd Grade

    Our 3rd Grade friends have embarked on a journey filled with inspired learning and fearless curiosity. As a new 3rd Grade teacher at Hollywood Schoolhouse, this school year has already rewarded me with what I am sure will be life-long lessons. Even as an educator, I learn from the wisdom that my students share daily. Each day we find creative ways to share our interpretations of the world around us. So far this year, we have covered a multitude of academic and social-emotional topics. Academically, we have studied and applied content such as multiplication, division, and the commutative property. Socially, [...]

  • The Sea Turtles and the “Wild Kratts”

    The Sea Turtles have been learning all about "Wild Kratts" during the first Passion Project of the year. They started by learning about the Kratt brothers, Martin and Chris Kratt, the stars of the show who use "creature power discs" to get animal features so they can explore and save animals. Over the week, they pretended to be African animals, played Honeybee Tree, worked on ladybug puzzles to help with upper and lower case letters, and engaged in a water sensory bin with ocean animals. The week culminated with an animal adventure around campus where the children wore power discs they [...]

  • 2nd Grade Talks Families

    We have been exploring the idea of family in 2nd Grade. Specifically, we have been discussing family members working together, caring for one another, as well as caring for the pets we love. Our 2nd Grade friends have enjoyed introducing their own pets or "wishful pets" to fellow classmates. They have written stories about what a day in the life of their pet is like, along with where they eat, sleep, exercise, and play. They have drawn pictures of their pet and built habitats out of recycled materials to house them.