• Performance News

    In Performance class, 3rd through 6th Grade students are working on short scripts and monologues. The 6th Grade Students went on a theatre field trip to see, "James and the Giant Peach". They had a fantastic time watching the Nine O'Clock Players production, especially because many of our students performed the show a few years ago here at HSH! The 5th Grade Students recently attended the Blue Ribbon Children's Festival at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion to watch a performance by Australian Arts Company, CIRCA. The children loved the show - it was truly a phenomenal experience!

  • Maker’s Fair

    Our Maker's Fair produced winners in ingenuity!     

  • 2nd Grade Mock Museum

    One of our big projects in 2nd Grade is the Mock Museum. To begin, the each student picks a person of interest, and then reads a biography about that person to find facts. Along the way, the students answer guided questions, which help them create a speech. Then, the students paint a poster board that has a cut out for their face. During presentations for parents and for the school, the poster “comes to life” when their button is pushed! We learned about so many wonderful people: scientists and writers, athletes, actors/producers, artists and musicians, and many other important people in history.     [...]

  • Fall 2019 TOURS!


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