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  • Creative Writing in 5th and 6th Grade

    As we move closer to Spring Break, the 5th and 6th Grade Language Arts classes are not slowing down! Students continue to work on grammar lessons, enjoy their novels, type reports on Black History and Art History, write poetry, and participate in the online simulation “Place Out Of Time.”   [...]

  • A Very Musical Passion Project

    One of our Junior Kindergarten friends recently shared their love of music with the rest of the Dolphins during their Passion Project! As a whole group, ​the Dolphins created a magnificent Music Wall outside. They had pots and pans, utensils, colanders, and pie molds. Not only did it sound good, [...]

  • Scrap-kins Creatures and Writing Descriptive Paragraphs

    Our 3rd Grade friends recently attended the Scrap-kins assembly led by the author of the Build-It Books, Brian Yanish. The children were inspired by his use of recycled materials to create innovative creatures. After the assembly, the children used recycled paper rolls in order to create their very own unique [...]

  • Little Mermaid Jr.!

    It's this weekend! Limited Tickets are still available. General Admission is $20.00. Hope to see you there!

  • ECE Summer Camp


  • Our Student Columnist in the Los Feliz Ledger

    Each year, a 6th Grade student is selected as a representative for Hollywood Schoolhouse to write monthly articles for the Larchmont Chronicle and the Los Feliz Ledger. This year's student columnist, Lane Lee, was recently featured in the Los Feliz Ledger for her article on our 6th Graders' Women of [...]

  • ​Tales from the Tech Lab

    Ms. Lisa’s 4th Grade Tech Lab students recently worked in Google drawings to create their own business advertisements. They used all they have learned about adjectives to create descriptive adverts. They also created door hangers to advertise their business by hanging them on every door of the school! -- Ms. [...]

  • Second Grade Students Travel to Chinatown

    The 2nd Grade classes recently took a trip to Chinatown! It is a 2nd Grade tradition to venture off to Chinatown via The Metro. As a way to prepare for our trip, we read stories in class about a subway station, and celebrating Lunar New Year. We discussed subway safety [...]

  • 5th and 6th Grade Volunteerism​​

    Volunteerism is a way to see beyond our own horizons and to expand our perception of what is possible in life, and one of the most important lessons we can learn is the value of giving ourselves for the betterment of others!     As part of our service learning program, [...]

  • The Chinese Art of Making Paper

    In History, 6th Graders recently learned that the Ancient Chinese were the first to invent modern day paper. With the help of Mr. Dean in Science class, the students were able to make their own Chinese paper. Once the paper dried, the students were able to write on it using [...]

  • 100 Days of School

    On February 26th, our 1st Grade friends celebrated 100 days of school. ​It was an exciting day ​for all of the children and involved many creative projects, STEAM challenges, and engaging math lessons.​ Here are some of the activities the children did:   1. Adding 100 stickers to a crown  [...]

  • 5th Grade Performance Students Visit the Music Center

    In Performance class, our children have been exploring different multicultural dances!  We recently had our Multicultural/Diversity Community Circle, in which the children enjoyed a performance featuring Flamenco and Bollywood dancers. Our Pandas and Penguins were also a hit with their Lunar New Year Dragon Dance! The finale was a choral [...]

  • HSH Summer Camp!

    JUNE 18TH -- AUGUST 10TH! DOWNLOAD REGISTRATION FORMS HERE! Digital Dragon is also offering camp for incoming 4th-6th graders. Students can join us for weekly tech adventures, July 2 – August 8. http://www.hshla.org/digital-dragon-summer-camp/

  • Helping Hands Day

    The Busy Bears (and all of their ECE friends) were quite busy creating the most unique and fun crafts from recycled items this January. On January 31st, they opened their classroom doors to sale these awesome crafts and raise money for the Elizabeth A. MacDonald foundation (eamf.org). We have worked [...]

  • Ms. Lisa’s Publishing House

    Ms. Lisa’s 5th Grade Tech Lab students have created their own book covers for their assigned novel, Wonder. The students were tasked with creating every part of a book cover; the front, back, spine and inner flaps. This required them to Google search bar codes, author’s photos, other books by [...]