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  • Mindsets, Goals, and Pet Peeves…Oh My!

    Mr. Braden's 4th Grade class is off to a tremendous start! As the new school year commenced, the 4th Graders were busy setting themselves up for success. First, they set their mindsets for the upcoming year. They focused on the power of choice and the things under their direct control: their focus, their effort, and their attitude. Next, the students set short, mid-range, and long-term goals for both academic and social/emotional growth. Finally, Mr. Braden's whole class enjoyed a spirited game of Focus Ball. Focus Ball is a game designed to test focus, awareness, agility, and sportsmanship. The Focus Ball [...]

  • Mindful Bears

    The Bears have been excited to come into their new classroom and meet such a wonderful group of friends. As we settle into a new school year, our friends have been enjoying our Mindfulness Meditation each morning. We are learning what meditation is and how we can do it as a class. So far during meditation, our class has liked using a rainstick! The beautiful rain sound allows us to calm our bodies while focusing our attention on our breathing. It's quite soothing! Once done, we are ready for the next activity in our schedule!   

  • Welcome Back to P.E.

    As Hollywood Schoolhouse students enjoyed their first week back at school, they also enjoyed their first week back to P.E.! To begin the year, all students started by re-engaging all those muscles they used last year. This meant a lot of running to get them back in the groove. Upper Elementary classes have been playing high intensity running games including Sharks and Minnows and Octopus Tag. Lower Elementary classes have been playing Red Light, Green Light and various other tag games. All students are learning how to run again and why running a specific way helps with their coordination and [...]

  • Kindergarten Peace Stick

    Ms. Barbra's Kindergarten friends have just been introduced to the Peace Stick. The Peace Stick allows the children to practice peaceful conflict resolution, cooperation, and respect within their classroom community. It establishes self-awareness and expression, self-actualization, and problem-solving skills.   The Peace Stick is a concrete and valuable tool for children to understand that we can get along with one another through communication and cooperation.    The Peace Stick is used whenever a conflict or disagreement arises, regardless of whether the event is big or small. Both children get the chance to express themselves while holding the Peace Stick. They [...]

  • Open House and Tours

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  • Sign-Up For Our Swim Program!

    Aside from providing the coaches that instruct our students in their weekly swim instruction, Swim Academy is available and beloved by the Schoolhouse community for private lessons, semi-private lessons, group classes, junior swim team, competitive swim team, and aqua fitness. Classes are offered on campus Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.
 Contact Karin Jackson for scheduling at 818.900.3319 or karin@losangelesswim.com.

  • BLAST After School Ready For Sign-Ups!

    Why should learning and discovery stop just because school is over? Balancing Learning After School Together (or BLAST) is Hollywood Schoolhouse’s official afterschool program that offers everything from Hip Hop to Ballet and Lego Robotics to Basketball. With dozens of course offerings each session, students are able to learn Karate, French, and Coding alike from the comfort of our own campus. Hollywood Schoolhouse families appreciate the convenience of allowing their children to explore their interests with some of the most creative and the highly sought after programs in Los Angeles, all within the comfort of our own campus. ONLINE SIGN-UP [...]