• Performance News

    In Performance class, 3rd through 6th Grade students are working on short scripts and monologues. The 6th Grade Students went on a theatre field trip to see, "James and the Giant Peach". They had a fantastic time watching the Nine O'Clock Players production, especially because many of our students performed the show a few years ago here at HSH! The 5th Grade Students recently attended the Blue Ribbon Children's Festival at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion to watch a performance by Australian Arts Company, CIRCA. The children loved the show - it was truly a phenomenal experience!

  • Observations from the Penguins and their Buddies

    While covering a unit on spring, the Penguins and their 3rd Grade buddies took a trip to the garden. There, the children explored the garden for signs of Spring. With their buddies help, the children recorded their observations which were later shared once we returned to school. The Penguins enjoyed the opportunity to explore Spring up close in a place that we love!

  • Letter Study with the Sea Turtles

    The Sea Turtles have been enjoying their Letter of the Week activities. Each week we focus on a new letter of the alphabet. Not only do we learn how to write it and the sound it makes but we incorporate it throughout the week.  We create a word wall, explore the letter through hands on activities and art projects and end the week with share day. The Sea Turtles love practicing their public speaking skills by bringing items that begin with that letter to present and share with their classmates.  

  • Maker’s Fair

    Our Maker's Fair produced winners in ingenuity!     

  • 2nd Grade Mock Museum

    One of our big projects in 2nd Grade is the Mock Museum. To begin, the each student picks a person of interest, and then reads a biography about that person to find facts. Along the way, the students answer guided questions, which help them create a speech. Then, the students paint a poster board that has a cut out for their face. During presentations for parents and for the school, the poster “comes to life” when their button is pushed! We learned about so many wonderful people: scientists and writers, athletes, actors/producers, artists and musicians, and many other important people in history.     [...]

  • Fall 2019 TOURS!


  • Fourth Grade Research Project

    HSH 4th Grade students is working on a non-fiction research project using books and iPads to find information on a chosen topic. Topics include: Whales, Lightning, Oceans, Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Planet Earth, Storms, Sharks, Dolphins, The Rainforest, Rocks & Minerals, California, and the Heart & the Brain. Students will be learning the art of careful note-taking, an incredibly useful skill moving into 5th Grade. Post-it notes are attached to pages with categories that peak their curiosity. This project will allow 4th Graders the opportunity to explore and research a topic and carefully organize factual information. After creating an outline with their partner/s, they will write [...]

  • Sea Turtles in Space

    The Sea Turtles have been learning all about space! We learned about each of the eight planets and sang a song to help us remember them. Among the week's activities, the Sea Turtles worked to spell out the names of the planets with letters, used our imaginations to pretend we were on the moon with astronauts and space rovers, worked on space puzzles and practiced counting and numeral recognition filling the sky with stars. We also created and filled in our own Space Passports!

  • 1st Grade Animal Research Project

    1st Grade has just embarked upon our big Animal Research Project of the year; a cross-curricular study of animals and the habitats they live in! Each student will become an expert on one particular animal, including where it lives, features of this place, and what it needs to survive. We will research using non-fiction, informational texts and online resources, as well as creating visual displays of the studied habitats and animals. Further, students will create a graphic organizer in tech class to accompany a multi-paragraph paper detailing the facts they research.   To begin this study, our Wildlife Biologists have set [...]

  • Upper Elementary Students Visit Kol Ami Congregation

    This past week, 5th and 6th Graders went on a walking field trip to the Kol Ami Congregation, which is a progressive synagogue. Rabbi Denise Eger showed us ancient Torah scrolls, and answered our questions on the history of the Ancient Hebrews, as well as interesting Jewish traditions.

  • 3rd Grade Visits Leonis Adobe Museum

    This past week, we turned back time and traveled to life in California on an 1880s rancho. Students learned about the history of the Leonis Family Adobe and experienced what it was like to run a ranch. They had a chance to make homemade tortillas, churn butter, feed the animals, wash clothes using a wash board, pump water from a well, lasso cattle like a true vaquero would, and so much more!. The docents explained that back then, everyone had a job on the ranch and they worked for about $1 a day! What a fantastic day it was.

  • Reading, Writing, and Designing in Kindergarten

    Ms. Nicole's and Ms. Cassandra's Kindergarten class has been busy practicing and refining their reading and writing skills. Focusing on letter sounds and blending, our Kindergarteners are all on their individual reading journeys that are filled with rewarding moments! As the old adage states, reading and writing really do go hand in hand. Kindergarteners have come to see that their strengthened phonological awareness has led them to the exciting ability to "best guess spell", a strategy that allows students to sound out words and encourages them to get their thoughts on paper! These words eventually become sentences which eventually lead [...]

  • ECE Summer Camp

    ECE Summer Camp Sign Up Form Here!

  • Creating Egyptian Social Pyramids in Tech Lab

    This week in Tech Lab, HSH 6th Graders brought in their Egyptian Social Pyramid information, taught and researched in Mr. Narbé’s class, in order to create posters for display. The students used Google Drawings, searched images and reviewed text formatting in order to create compelling and varied depictions, intent on informing you!

  • 2nd Grade Goes to Chinatown

    During the past few weeks, HSH 2nd Graders have been learning about the Lunar New Year. Students have also read stories about Chinatown and the subway system in preparation for our field trip to Chinatown! Throughout our day in Chinatown, students were able to experience first hand the culture as well as make connections to the classroom literature.

  • Service Learning with Project Angel Food

      One of the most important lessons we can learn is the value of giving ourselves for the betterment of others. Recently, some of our 4th-6th Grade students volunteered at Project Angel Food. They took part in packaging fruit and breakfast bags, decorating cards for those without family, and our very own Ms. Ilise got to be a head chef in their kitchen! It was a wonderful way to begin a Sunday morning.  

  • Boa Constrictors, and Dinosaurs, and Lizards, Oh My!

    While exploring a unit on reptiles the children got up close and personal with a pet boa constrictor and also traveled back in time to the Triassic period. The Penguins were surprised to learn that some dinosaurs came from a group of reptiles called Archosauromorphs and lizards came from a distantly related reptile group called Lepidosauromorphs. Inspired by these fun facts, the children then became paleontologists in search for fossils!

  • Ms. Lisa’s Tech Lab

    The 6th Grade brought in their Public Service Announcements, conceived and researched in Ms. Abi’s class, in order to create posters for display. The students used Google Drawings, searched images and reviewed text formatting in order to create compelling notices, intent on persuading you to become aware and make a change!

  • 4th Grade Poetry Cafe

    4th Grade is exploring a Poetry Unit. Students have been listening to four of William Shakespeare’s tragedies/comedies being read aloud by different faculty members, then write different types of poems based on the themes inspired by these plays: Romeo and Juliet (Acrostic), Macbeth (Haiku), A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Free Verse) and Twelfth Night (Cinquain). This unit will culminate in “Poetry Café”, an event 4th grade parents, some faculty and staff attend, to watch the students recite several of their own poems on stage. In addition, Ms. Wendy’s class has enjoyed class outdoors for further inspiration in writing nature inspired poems [...]

  • With Open Hands

    This week, our 3rd Grade students started their first cross-curricular novel study with the novel “With Open Hands.” This novel highlights the story of Bridget “Biddy” Mason, a heroine who was born into slavery and when freed, she used her voice and power to help others.  Through reading her biography, our students will learn the importance of following their dreams, even when faced with adversity, and using their gifts and talents to contribute back to their communities. Through the merging of both Social Studies and Reading, our students are given the opportunity to learn about significant historical figures and events while strengthening [...]

  • Cooking in Kindergarten

    Ms. Nicole and Ms. Cassandra's Kindergarten class has been busy both in the classroom and in their metaphorical kitchen! Guest Chef is a Kindergarten tradition that brings families of Kindergarteners into the classroom once a week for a unique cooking experience. Guest Chef is an important part of the Kindergarten curriculum, as the hands-on experience helps students understand the procedural aspect of putting together a meal. Whether it's spreading peanut butter onto a slice of bread, making fruit kabobs, candying apples, or making fresh guacamole, each process and step is always a delight. It is also a wonderful way to blend [...]

  • 4th Grade Math Workshop

    Much like Santa's Workshop, Mr. Braden's Math workshop is busy, exciting, and full of choices. During workshop, groups of students get targeted assistance from Mr. Braden while others exercise their power of choice and pick from a variety of math related activities. The students enjoy the freedom and the responsibility that the workshop provides.

  • Superhero Art with the Pandas

    The Pandas recently created their own superhero characters. They have been practicing their writing and fine motor skills through our Handwriting Without Tears program. As they grow comfortable forming the letters with big and little lines and curves we used the same vocabulary to build the superheroes. Once all of the superheroes were formed they added personal touches, teeth, letter badges, masks and ears!

  • 5th Grade Character Study in Language Arts

    The fifth-grade class has been learning about how good writers often tell their readers how a character looks and behaves. Their prompt: A simple neck tie! The class has been focusing on developing the following techniques to make their characters seems real, ultimately helping their readers visualize and understand them.   -      describing the physical characteristic of a character -      revealing a character’s speech, actions, or thoughts -      showing how other characters in a story react to the character   This assignment will culminate with a short story writing project.

  • Studying Sound in 1st Grade Science

    In 1st Grade, the children have been learning about the concept of sound in Science. The students discussed common animals, machines, and objects that make sound.  They also used cups with rubber bands and flat sticks to produce sound. The children practiced sound discrimination by listening to the sounds that objects make when dropped.  To do this, they played a sound game where one partner dropped an object behind a screen and the other partner had to guess what the object was based on the sound.   Our 1st Grade scientists also investigated two sound systems: a one string guitar [...]

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