• Making Moments in 1st Grade

    When I reflect on my time here, I never see it in totality, but rather in the tiny moments that make up all the years. Tiny moments, after all, are what life is all about! And for the past eight years, 1st grade has been such a large part of my own life. First grade has so many of my favorite memories and highlights. Whether it’s learning to read, adding double-digit numbers, or becoming independent writers, these milestones are achieved through the culmination of many small moments. Since our first day together, every second has been of significance; we have [...]

  • The Power of Words

    As I share my words, I will borrow from others. “Your word is the power that you have to create. It is a gift.” -Don Miguel Ruiz From the first words we speak to those who made us, to the words spoken about us when we pass from this world…words are with us, weaving the tapestry of our lives. They are the most basic tool of language, yet they are immensely powerful in defining who and what we are. A word can hurt or heal, inspire or hinder, connect or disconnect, encourage or discourage, as well as stimulate innumerable thoughts, [...]

  • ECE Helping Hands

    The Dolphins happily participated in our annual ECE Helping Hands Sale! On Helping Hands Day, the ECE programs team up to raise money to shine light on the siblings and families of critically ill children in Los Angeles through a wonderful organization called the Elizabeth A. MacDonald Foundation (EAMF).  Elizabeth MacDonald is a former HSH parent, and we have teamed up with her in past years to host a sale at our school with all of the proceeds going to the EAMF!  The preschool and JK children create interesting and original items for sale, and we invite the entire school and [...]

  • Third Grade Explores Los Angeles

    Every year, as a part of our Social Studies curriculum, third grade studies the history of the Los Angeles region. We began with learning about landforms such as mountains, rivers, basins, hills, and valleys, which eventually led to our study of Los Angeles specific landforms such as the Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles River, San Gabriel Mountains, and San Fernando Valley. To further apply our studies of Los Angeles, we took field trips that allowed for us to apply our knowledge. Our first field trip of the year was to the Griffith Observatory, in which we took advantage of our ability [...]

  • Passion Projects

    Passion Projects have started in the preschool classrooms! They are wonderful and one of my favorite aspects of our ECE curriculum! For the remainder of the school year, each child will get to share their interest for a week while their teacher incorporates it into the daily curriculum. The children will first create a board to present to the class, and then we will spend time engaged in activities relating to their topic.   To begin, this year, Ms. Genesis and I shared our passion for animals. We created a poster board with all of the animals we love and [...]

  • A Winter Show Reflection

    For many years, I have been thrilled to conceive and create our Winter Shows for Hollywood Schoolhouse. This includes; deciding on a show idea, creating vocal medley’s, dance numbers, show scripts, set pieces, lighting design and preparing all this, and more, all with a live four piece band! The Winter Show is one of my favorite productions at HSH because it is the only production throughout the year that shares a theme, title, songs, and often a few costume accessories. It is taught and rehearsed to the respected divisions simultaneously and brings a real sense of community, uniqueness, and happiness [...]

  • Do You Love to Read?

    Do you love to read? Do you love to read with your children? In October and the first part of November, 4th graders were assigned the novel PIE by acclaimed author Sarah Weeks. Along with a pacing calendar, some rich discussion questions to guide their reading journey, and a warm, cozy space at home to read, students and their parents unpacked this story about family, friendship, and pie!   The vision for this assignment was one of connecting with one another as readers in a powerful and compelling way. Going into this journey, we were quite excited about the possibilities [...]

Formidable Joy

Hollywood Schoolhouse is proud to partner with formidable joy on “HSH for H2O”,
a fundraising campaign to build a water well for a community in Malawi, Africa.

From February 18th – March 6th, students will learn about the global water crisis, engage in a variety of enrichment activities, and fundraise to bring a new water well to a community in need.

We will celebrate our achievements with the final day devoted to fun and physical activities.

Providing access to clean water benefits people and the planet:

  • Women and girls are responsible for collecting water—starting at sunrise, walking long distances and carrying up to 40 lbs of water on their heads.
  • Girls often have to miss school—just to collect water for their families.
  • Drinking dirty water causes diseases.
  • Clean water reduces CO2 emissions.
  • Clean water is a basic human right.

Please join us in supporting this important cause by donating here:

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