• Dear Hollywood Schoolhouse

    Vianne Lara, Art Teacher| Dear Hollywood Schoolhouse | It has been 18 years since I first met you and you are now 75! Wow! Happy birthday! It’s been so much fun teaching Art all these years because you have been amazing in supporting me. You are like a family to me. I’ve seen you grow into this wonderful school that is always full of excitement, challenges and fulfillment. We have been partners in honing the creativity, giving inspiration and developing the love for Art of the student body. Our young artists are confident and truly express themselves in their art [...]

  • Dear Hollywood Schoolhouse

    Narbé Mansourian, Upper Elementary Teacher| Dear Hollywood Schoolhouse | I think you already know me by now, as we have been working together, side by side, for 20 years. For those who do not know me, my name is Narbé Mansourian, and I am currently teaching 5th and 6th Grade Mathematics this year. Over the course of my time at HSH, I have also taken on History, Science, Current Events, French, Spanish, and Chess. I have enjoyed the many hats I have worn! The HSH community is my home away from home: it has been my biggest supporter through my [...]

  • Dear Hollywood Schoolhouse

    Braden Nagel, Grade 4, Lead Teacher| Dear Hollywood Schoolhouse | I had only been in Los Angeles for a short while when it all began. While in pursuit of other passions, I began spending time with you. Feeling your energy. Connecting with your community. It was addicting. It fed my soul. Before I knew it, I began questioning the direction of my life. Love is funny that way. Sometimes, you know in an instant… like being hit by a train. In other instances, you need time to work its magic to be able to see the light of love. When [...]

  • Dear Hollywood Schoolhouse

    Stacey Koch, Director of Advancement | Dear Hollywood Schoolhouse | What a year to be celebrating your 75th Anniversary. It’s actually quite appropriate in certain ways. When we were thinking about a theme for this milestone year, all of the uncertainties we’ve been facing lately made something glaringly obvious. You, Hollywood Schoolhouse, have been the community in which hundreds of students and families have leaned on through all sorts of times in their own lives and in our 75 year history. Anyone who really knows the Schoolhouse knows that community means something different around here. You may call it a [...]

  • Our Remote Learning Journey

    Continuing our learning journey together with this new remote Schoolhouse, the children in our Junior Kindergarten program recently participated in our annual Dream Week! A pandemic was not going to stop the flow of our young learner's creative juices. Instead, it made it more of a challenge! The teachers prepared daily experiments, which allowed the children to collaborate with their classmates and teachers virtually. The results of their daily experiments were a hit! The children were implementing and working with different household items and went above and beyond to execute their daily experiment. Egg drop, marble run, and a penguin zip line [...]

  • The Joys of Reading

    “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” Dr. Seuss wrote those words in the book, I Can Read With My Eyes Shut, which celebrates the joys of reading. Every year his birthday, March 2nd, is Read Across America Day, celebrating the joys of literacy! We also celebrate him, the author who inspired individuals of all ages and left behind a legacy of genius and imagination. In our ECE classes we celebrate his birthday every year, beginning our day with a reading of the Cat in the [...]

  • Siroos Kassarian

    We had the opportunity last trimester to have Siroos Kassarian, an artist from Switzerland, visit our classroom! He is a member of the European Academy of Arts and has won several awards for his excellence in different fields of Visual Arts. Pegah, his daughter, came along as his interpreter as Siroos speaks German. Siroos had the pleasure of doing a demonstration for one of the 4th Grade classes. Since we do a series of watercolor paintings in class, Mr. Robby and I suggested his demo be specifically on watercolors. The students were fascinated by the language barrier while their questions went through an interpreter, which made me think that it doesn’t matter what language you speak; Art, like Music, is a universal language that [...]

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