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    Why should learning and discovery stop just because school is over? Balancing Learning After School Together (or BLAST) is Hollywood Schoolhouse’s official afterschool program that offers everything from Hip Hop to Ballet and Lego Robotics to Basketball. With dozens of course offerings each session, students are able to learn Karate, French, and Coding alike from the comfort of our own campus. Hollywood Schoolhouse families appreciate the convenience of allowing their children to explore their interests with some of the most creative and the highly sought after programs in Los Angeles, all within the comfort of our own campus. It’s time [...]

  • Maker’s Fair

    Our Maker's Fair produced winners in ingenuity!     

  • 2nd Grade Mock Museum

    One of our big projects in 2nd Grade is the Mock Museum. To begin, the each student picks a person of interest, and then reads a biography about that person to find facts. Along the way, the students answer guided questions, which help them create a speech. Then, the students paint a poster board that has a cut out for their face. During presentations for parents and for the school, the poster “comes to life” when their button is pushed! We learned about so many wonderful people: scientists and writers, athletes, actors/producers, artists and musicians, and many other important people in history.     [...]

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