• Passion Projects

    Passion Projects have started in the preschool classrooms! They are wonderful and one of my favorite aspects of our ECE curriculum! For the remainder of the school year, each child will get to share their interest for a week while their teacher incorporates it into the daily curriculum. The children will first create a board to present to the class, and then we will spend time engaged in activities relating to their topic.   To begin, this year, Ms. Genesis and I shared our passion for animals. We created a poster board with all of the animals we love and [...]

  • A Winter Show Reflection

    For many years, I have been thrilled to conceive and create our Winter Shows for Hollywood Schoolhouse. This includes; deciding on a show idea, creating vocal medley’s, dance numbers, show scripts, set pieces, lighting design and preparing all this, and more, all with a live four piece band! The Winter Show is one of my favorite productions at HSH because it is the only production throughout the year that shares a theme, title, songs, and often a few costume accessories. It is taught and rehearsed to the respected divisions simultaneously and brings a real sense of community, uniqueness, and happiness [...]

  • Do You Love to Read?

    Do you love to read? Do you love to read with your children? In October and the first part of November, 4th graders were assigned the novel PIE by acclaimed author Sarah Weeks. Along with a pacing calendar, some rich discussion questions to guide their reading journey, and a warm, cozy space at home to read, students and their parents unpacked this story about family, friendship, and pie!   The vision for this assignment was one of connecting with one another as readers in a powerful and compelling way. Going into this journey, we were quite excited about the possibilities [...]

  • Second Grade Writers

    The second grade classes are working on strengthening our skills as writers! Our main focus has been on creating a cohesive paragraph. We have discussed starting off with a topic or main idea sentence, providing three key details, and then wrapping up our writing with a strong closing sentence. One activity that we did involved creating our own monsters. The children used playdoh, as well as other crafting materials, to design unique creatures. Once the sculpting was done, students wrote descriptive paragraphs telling all about their creations.      Each week, we have essential questions that guide our language arts activities. Two [...]

  • Who Doesn’t Like Games?

    Every year, without fail, I always think I know exactly what to do now. I have learned from my mistakes, and now I must be ready for whatever the students throw at me. And of course, every year, each student seems to surprise me, always keeping me on my toes. I think that is why I enjoy teaching so much. Nothing is ever boring, things change so quickly, and honestly, I get to be who I truly am with every student which is a loud, very enthusiastic, sometimes annoying, but I promise, good hearted P.E. teacher.   Physical Education has [...]

  • Ancient Civilizations

    The 6th graders have learned about many civilizations that occupied Ancient Mesopotamia thousands of years ago. Located in the modern day Middle East, “the fertile crescent” was host to many kingdoms and empires that took turns ruling the coveted land. The Sumerians, Chaldeans, Babylonians, Assyrians, and Persians, were some of the many civilizations that contributed to the advancement of technology for future generations of humans. One such contribution was a wedge-shaped writing system called cuneiform. This form of writing originated first from pictographs, which showed actual objects, ideas, and sounds. Ancient Mesopotamians used a sharpened reed called a stylus to [...]

  • Hola Amigos!

    As I begin my second year here at Hollywood Schoolhouse, I can’t help but feel so much gratitude. I have found a place where I feel very much at home and where my culture is embraced. Español is much more than another language to learn. It is learning about the culture of 20 different countries. Español is the second most spoken language in the world, and I am thankful that here at Hollywood Schoolhouse, we understand this and have the willingness, curiosity,  and open mind to learn and accept everything we can about different cultures. My students are eager and excited [...]

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