• Color Theory

    Ms. Vianne's 2nd Graders are studying color theory and Picasso's Blue Period!

  • Fall 2019 TOURS!


  • Fourth Grade Research Project

    Fourth Grade is working on a cross-curricular, non-fiction research project, using books and iPads to find information on their topic. Topics include: Whales, Lightning, Oceans, Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Planet Earth, Storms, Sharks, Dolphins, The Rainforest, Rocks & Minerals, California, and the Heart & the Brain. Students will be learning the art of careful note-taking, an incredibly useful skill moving into fifth grade. Post-it notes are attached to pages with categories that peak their curiosity. This project will allow 4th graders the opportunity to explore and research a topic and carefully organize factual information.

  • ECE Summer Camp

    ECE Summer Camp Sign Up Form Here!

  • Studying Sound in 1st Grade Science

    In 1st Grade, the children have been learning about the concept of sound in Science. The students discussed common animals, machines, and objects that make sound.  They also used cups with rubber bands and flat sticks to produce sound. The children practiced sound discrimination by listening to the sounds that objects make when dropped.  To do this, they played a sound game where one partner dropped an object behind a screen and the other partner had to guess what the object was based on the sound.   Our 1st Grade scientists also investigated two sound systems: a one string guitar [...]

  • The Dolphins and Mat Man

    The Dolphins are exploring the world of Mat Man through music and building. During our whole group activity the Dolphins worked together and created Mat Man. Mat Man is a character from our Learning without Tears program that teaches drawing with a unique approach and strategies to help the children develop strong drawing and cognitive skills.

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