Every year, without fail, I always think I know exactly what to do now. I have learned from my mistakes, and now I must be ready for whatever the students throw at me. And of course, every year, each student seems to surprise me, always keeping me on my toes. I think that is why I enjoy teaching so much. Nothing is ever boring, things change so quickly, and honestly, I get to be who I truly am with every student which is a loud, very enthusiastic, sometimes annoying, but I promise, good hearted P.E. teacher.


Physical Education has always been important in my life. I remember telling my parents it was my favorite class because I got to play games. I am sure a lot of parents have heard their children say this to them. And yes, it was true. I did get to play a lot of games, but what I did not realize was how important that really was for me.

There were two major personal life lessons I learned from these “games”. As important as it was to win these games for me, what I later realized was that I was creating bonds with other students. Participating in these activities pushed me to be better, not just as an athlete, but also as a person. The social challenges a person faces everyday became doable for me because I now knew how to talk to people. Playing games was a rollercoaster of emotions sometimes, but it helped make me realize that these bonds I created were there to support me.


The other personal life lesson I learned during this time was in fact, the lifestyle that I live now. I grew up always playing outside and just being active, whether that was with sports or taking walks with my mom. At school, P.E. reinforced that lifestyle and made me realize how important it was to eat the right things and take care of my body as a whole. Self-care became second nature to me because P.E. taught me that I could have fun while taking care of myself.


I always wanted to be a teacher when I grew up because I admired all of the teachers that I had. They inspired me to want to help people, and they pushed me to become a better person. That is all I ever want to do for the students that I teach. I once was told by one of my coaches, “Control what you can Control.” A simple quote, but one that can go a long way for many students. I’d like to end with this. P.E. may not get all the praise, but I know that without it, my life would not be how it is today. I can assure you that every student I have appreciates the time they get to create bonds on the field, while also taking care of their bodies. Plus, who doesn’t like to play games?