Passion Projects have started in the preschool classrooms! They are wonderful and one of my favorite aspects of our ECE curriculum! For the remainder of the school year, each child will get to share their interest for a week while their teacher incorporates it into the daily curriculum. The children will first create a board to present to the class, and then we will spend time engaged in activities relating to their topic.


To begin, this year, Ms. Genesis and I shared our passion for animals. We created a poster board with all of the animals we love and even included pictures of our own pets. The Caterpillars loved exploring the animal kingdom, and they met a very special guest; Ms. Genesis’ dog, Bambi.


Throughout my years in the Caterpillar class, we have had many unique topics explored such as; dinosaurs, princesses, the color pink, and even milk! It is amazing to see how proud and passionate the children are when they become the experts.


In the classroom, my goal is to develop a creative, inspiring, and most importantly FUN lesson plan for each child’s passion. What’s most rewarding about this amazing process, is the confidence each child builds when a week is focused on what they truly love. Each of the students show enthusiasm in getting up in front of the class and look forward to presenting their activities. It is in this social environment where they begin to learn how to interact and engage dialogically by asking the simplest of questions.


I look forward to seeing what passion each Caterpillar will choose this year and cannot wait to begin planning our daily activities!