It’s Octo’bear’, and we’re thrilled to have started a new school year in the preschool! As we journey our way through our daily routine, we are appreciating the time to get to know each other. Every year, I enjoy starting the school year with our “All About Me” theme. It gives us the time to learn about our friends and appreciate what makes us unique and beautiful!


Before getting started on what makes us who we are individually, we focused our attention on the name of our class, The Bears, to establish what makes us special as a group. In order to embrace our classroom identity, we learned about the different kinds of bears and even traveled south to learn about the spectacled bear, which can be found in South America. This was a mini lesson that helped engage the children in learning and sharing what they knew about bears.


To add to the lesson, we introduced our ultimate favorite activity, The Bear Hunt. This activity gave our class time to feel comfortable, explore outside our classroom, and see our campus together. With each bear holding the hand of another, they helped each other find our lost classroom friend, Teddy. This activity only proved to us that exploration and adventure is the perfect bond maker for new friends.


With friendships made and familiarity established, we are ready to learn about one another. This involves our bears asking each other important questions such as:


  • “What’s your favorite color?”
  • “What’s your favorite food?”
  • “What do you want to be when you grow up?”


This was a wonderful opportunity for the children to express themselves in a safe space, leading us to a year filled with inspired learning and fearless curiosity.