Mack Smith

Year I Joined HSH: 2022

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ

Education: Arizona State University, BAE Educational Studies and Environmental Education

Why HSH? I really admire the focus HSH has on building community and developing supportive relationships with our students and families.

What causes or non-profits do you support and why? TigerMountain Foundation is a community garden non-profit organization based in South Phoenix where I worked for many years. TMF strives to build community through gardening while also working to alleviate food insecurity, provide environmental education, and utilize restorative justice framework to provide education and opportunities, particularly to those who have previously faced incarceration. I'm very passionate about restorative justice and working to uplift any community I am a part of.

Mutual Aid LA is another organization that works to provide fresh produce and other essentials to community members, particularly in Lincoln Heights. They do amazing work connecting with people and listening to their needs and ideas.

What is one thing people would be surprised to learn about you? People may be surprised to learn that I play guitar and love writing songs.

What piece of advice would you give to a graduating sixth grader? Focus on the ways you give instead of focusing on how you are being received.

Favorite Quote: "Love is an action, never simply a feeling." –Bell Hooks

Favorite LA Restaurant: La Pergoletta

Favorite Karaoke Song: "Once in a Lifetime" –Talking Heads

Favorite Sports Team: Dodgers