Dear HSH Families,


My 3rd year as Librarian at Hollywood Schoolhouse has quickly proven to be exceptional! We’ve hit a stride in the library where programs, curriculum, volunteers, and classes flow seamlessly. My goal since day one, has been to instill a foundation of curiosity, creativity, wonder, and courage in each child. Now, we are beginning to build on that foundation with lessons in connection, teamwork, and autonomy.


Our students, ranging from preschool through sixth grade, are successfully navigating everything that the library has to offer, all while exploring the most inclusive and diverse collection our shelves have ever offered. Programs implemented last year, like the Stationary Station and Student Author Section, are flourishing!


The Stationary Station reopened this year as a permanent center in the library where students have the opportunity to write kind, positive messages to anyone in the whole entire school. In line with our school’s mission, the Stationary Station offers students a weekly chance to connect, communicate, and create, while developing their reading, writing, and fine motor skills. For students, especially in this digital day and age, it is so special to receive a handmade, personalized piece of mail from a friend. (See an HSH Knight Note, attached.)


We also revitalized our Student Author Section this year, adding a brand-new display! Now, our Student Author works are front and center, highly interactive, and easily accessible. Soon, classes will experience the first Book Making Workshop of the year, where they will learn how to design and bind handmade books. To date, students have passionately submitted over 60 short stories, chapter books, graphic novels, joke books, how-to-draw picture books, poetry, and even cookbooks!


**Shout out to Kimberly Varella, a book designer and fifth grade parent,  for teaching me her ways.**


This year, students have also been able to interface with our library’s database by using our brand-new iPad research stations! In just a few weeks, students have learned how to look up books on their own and explore the library independently. They are truly loving this new feature!


Please take a look at the additional updates below, so you can keep up with all the wonderful programs we have planned for the library. Also, feel free to pop in and say hi, write a Knight Note and check it all out for yourself!


Things to look forward to:


  • Students and families will be invited to join me in the library after school for monthly Pajama Jam Read Alouds! Together, we’ll enjoy some of the best literature available to children – both classic and new – in our cozy pajamas!


  • Please also keep an eye out – We will soon begin announcing our lineup of amazing guest authors, illustrators, poets, and speakers!


Stay tuned to see what is happening next in the library!


Thank you for reading.

Ms. Sarah (a.k.a. Boogie)