One of the most beautiful sounds in the world is “Aha”, or the very moment when a thought connects for a student. You can almost here the spark as the synapse in their brain ignites. That has been the case as every class has moved through The Collaboratory so far this year

One such moment occurred when students began a journey investigating force and motion through shooting marbles. We often take physics for granted. We know when we release an object the force of gravity pulls that object to Earth. But, we don’t always know how to explain it. The study of physics is often a lesson in thinking and language as much as it is a discipline of science. As the students released their marbles into a cluster, they observed the interactions in space. At first, when asked “How does energy transfer?”, the students weren’t quite sure how to respond. After observing they way energy moves through a system, discussing this collaboratively, and writing about it, the students began describing motion and energy transfer as Newton or Einstein would.