Dear Hollywood Schoolhouse Community,

I am Laura Rodriguez, a preschool teacher at Hollywood Schoolhouse. I have been a member of the Hollywood Schoolhouse community for many years as a student, teacher, and parent. Today, I am happy to write about one of our school’s core values, Compassion. It is also one of the core values I am most passionate about.

Throughout the Hollywood Schoolhouse community, we witness many acts of compassion. As a teacher, I see a genuine desire in students to help their classmates who are not feeling well or simply include each other in all activities. As a Hollywood Schoolhouse parent, I see my child’s teachers create an environment where compassion is a strength and they implement lessons that involve understanding others emotions. As a Hollywood Schoolhouse alumni, I embrace the confidence and motivation that HSH has given me to take action when others need support.

The values introduced to students and our children are passed on for generations to come. My takeaway from being a part of this small community for so many years is that when children graduate or move to their next journey from Hollywood Schoolhouse, they are engraved with the desire to be compassionate people in the world. 



Laura Rodriguez