Why Give?

Hollywood Schoolhouse is an independent school that’s well known for a blended program of progressive and traditional instruction. We enroll 300 exceptional students throughout their primary education journey. Our teachers are without equal and program is unparalleled.

However, combining challenging academics with creative learning requires a continuous investment in excellent academic programs, inspired teachers, and a warm and nurturing campus. Offering our families these benefits, which we consider to be the cornerstones of the Schoolhouse education, takes time, talent, and money.

Tuition at Hollywood Schoolhouse covers around 80 percent of what it takes to educate each child. We set tuition at this level in order to maintain a broadly accessible community.

We ask each family to participate in giving to the Schoolhouse at a level that is meaningful to them. Participation – at any level – enhances our sense of community and ensures our school’s success each year, while paving the way for long-term growth.