Ms. Nicole’s and Ms. Cassandra’s Kindergarten class has been busy practicing and refining their reading and writing skills. Focusing on letter sounds and blending, our Kindergarteners are all on their individual reading journeys that are filled with rewarding moments! As the old adage states, reading and writing really do go hand in hand. Kindergarteners have come to see that their strengthened phonological awareness has led them to the exciting ability to “best guess spell”, a strategy that allows students to sound out words and encourages them to get their thoughts on paper! These words eventually become sentences which eventually lead to amazing stories.
As part of our Language Arts curriculum, Wonders, each week we explore a new essential question. One of our favorites has been “How do pet owners take care of different kinds of pets?” After reading stories that revolve around our essential question and writing about pets we wish we had, we began designing pet store blueprints which we will turn into realities with some recycled goods. Although this is a small sample size, it is a way to see how we combine reading, writing, and the design process in our classroom on a weekly basis.