The Penguins spent a week in a “world of pure imagination” with the help of a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Passion Project. The smell of rich chocolate filled the air as they reinvented a chocolate river. The Penguins were so tempted to take a swim in it! The children took small toy boats to test if they sink or float and also enjoyed racing other boats.
The Penguins also participated in a science experiment utilizing candy. In small groups of four, the children placed Skittles on a plate in a circle. After placing the Skittles together each Penguin took turns pouring warm water in the middle of the circle and waited for a reaction. Each group was given a question they had to answer at the end of the experiment as a group. They were so excited to see the Skittles color dissolve! Most of the children predicted the colors mixing together but they were surprised to see that the colors did not mix.