I want to take a moment to recognize our Parent Association and the wonderful contributions to community life they have made thus far this year.

Having parents on campus is a wonderful part of HSH community life. You are valued members of our HSH family, but those of us on campus do not get to see you every day the way that we are lucky to see your children. For that reason, when we are able to welcome you to the Schoolhouse, it is an exciting event for staff and students alike. Your presence on campus for events like Back to School Night, your attendance at the PA parent potlucks, and even seeing you during drop-off and pickup are monumental and allow us to feel your enthusiasm and support for HSH.

I shouted out the PA’s sustainable Halloween Pop Up Costume Shop in last week’s blog, but I wanted to touch on it again to express my gratitude to the community as a whole as well as the organizers of the event. We raised several hundred dollars with the shop, and the enthusiasm surrounding it was so great that we have extended the initiative for another week. I hope many of you will donate your gently worn costumes from years prior to keep the shop bustling!

I want to thank the Room Representative parents for their commitment to improving all facets of campus life. Their effect and positive influence is felt throughout every part of HSH life. In particular, I’d like to thank the 6th Grade Room Reps for their wonderful spread at the recent Staff Treat Day. Many members of the staff expressed to me how the breakfast brought light to their day and lifted their spirits.

Our library volunteers have been incredibly helpful to Ms. Holly! From helping reshelve books to keeping restless bodies settled during quiet reading time, their weekly volunteering assists in creating a beautiful experience for each child attending the library.

Enthusiastic parental involvement is immeasurably valuable to a child’s life. I encourage each and every one of you to find a way that you can show up for HSH and for your children.  –Ms. Ilise