Upper Elementary

Hollywood Schoolhouse’s Upper Elementary Division spans from 4th through 6th Grade. Our program is steered by the principle that this is an age at which students should be assuming greater responsibility for their own learning. Upper Elementary students are encouraged to take ownership of their own successes and failures and see these as opportunities for learning.

Upper Elementary faculty promotes the intellectual, emotional, social, and physical growth of our pre-teen students by encouraging and nurturing the development of an inclusive community of students that respects individual differences and resolves conflicts peaceably.

The Upper Elementary program continues to cover our five core subject areas with deeper integration and a heavier emphasis on cross-curricular collaboration and exploration. Our program is carefully designed to balance academic rigor with creative learning experiences. The program is enriching and challenging, designed to build strong foundations in reading, writing, speaking, critical thinking, and problem solving, using technology and forming strong study habits within the context of the subject matter. Homework is assigned in all academic subjects.

The emphasis of the Upper Elementary program on continued academic growth through a rigorous yet balanced program fosters the ongoing development of individual responsibility for a smooth transition to secondary school.