Lower Elementary

Hollywood Schoolhouse’s Lower Elementary Division spans from our full-day Kindergarten program to 3rd Grade. During this time students are exposed to a challenging and creative academic curriculum. Our environment is one that allows children to work both independently and in small groups and provides differentiated learning to accommodate all types of learners.

Children learn through teacher-directed lessons, cooperative learning groups, peer interaction, discussions, hands-on activities, and cross-curricular studies. Children are encouraged to be active, critical thinkers. We believe children learn most effectively in a structured learning environment that makes them feel comfortable to take risks and think critically.

Our five core subject areas are a more significant focus of our Lower Elementary program, and are covered using the Common Core and California State standard framework as a base. We mix both traditional and progressive teaching methodologies to give children a strong academic foundation with a carefully planned sequence of study. We believe in interdisciplinary, project-based learning, and our staff works together to plan, integrate, and ensure a stimulating, challenging learning environment where all students can thrive.

At Hollywood Schoolhouse, we strongly believe education is a joint venture among students, parents, and teachers. As a team, we stress the importance of working together and participating as a constructive force. Our children are excited about learning. This love of learning prepares our Lower Elementary students for the division ahead, and continues to grow and expand throughout their lives.