Early Childhood


Each day, our experienced and nurturing staff welcome the children into a warm, creative, hands-on environment. We feel that an environment that explores the social, emotional, intellectual, and physical development of each child is one that encourages a child’s ability to grow.

At the Schoolhouse, we use a hands-on, multi-sensory approach to learning. We strongly believe it has to be in the hand before it gets to the brain. We believe that child-initiated, child-directed, teacher-supported play is an essential component of a child’s foundation for learning.

In our Early Childhood Division, children explore our five core subject areas through fine and gross-motor exploration, play, and problem solving. They converse, resolve conflicts, tell stories, learn to listen, speak, and live in a community with one another. Our curriculum is inspired by the children through conversations and emerging interests. This approach fosters emergent, child-initiated, and open-ended learning.

Our signature passion projects allow children the opportunity to be experts in their field of interest while their teachers creatively design curriculum around their interests. An important aspect of knowing, valuing, and encouraging each child is guiding them through the exploration of their individual passions as they begin to discover their voice.

Our success is borne from the fact that all children feel loved and secure away from their home, where they can safely explore and learn. We have daily communication with all families to create and maintain a strong home-school connection. We believe that children rely on a routine for comfort and security. Our preschool program is designed for children 2 years and 6 months through age 4.

Junior Kindergarten

The Hollywood Schoolhouse Junior Kindergarten program values the important developmental milestones of the 4 and 5 year old learner. We delicately designed a curriculum that honors our older Early Childhood learners, and takes into account the social/emotional, physical, and cognitive needs of this age group.

Junior Kindergarten offers children an opportunity for a more structured day while continuing to honor their early childhood experience. We introduce children to an academic curriculum, aligned with our elementary program, while allowing children the opportunity to expand their cognitive skills without the stress of the full-day academic expectation.

As with the Preschool program, our five core subject areas are explored through cooperative play, problem solving, and emergent curriculum. We continue our Spanish program and introduce the children to our community garden, where they learn about good nutrition and the expanding world around them.

Our Junior Kindergarten program is designed for children turning four and five years old and prepares them for our more challenging, full-day Kindergarten program. When the children enter Kindergarten, they are more confident learners and ready for the many challenging elementary years that lie ahead.