HSH 4th Grade students is working on a non-fiction research project using books and iPads to find information on a chosen topic. Topics include: Whales, Lightning, Oceans, Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Planet Earth, Storms, Sharks, Dolphins, The Rainforest, Rocks & Minerals, California, and the Heart & the Brain. Students will be learning the art of careful note-taking, an incredibly useful skill moving into 5th Grade. Post-it notes are attached to pages with categories that peak their curiosity. This project will allow 4th Graders the opportunity to explore and research a topic and carefully organize factual information. After creating an outline with their partner/s, they will write a five-paragraph essay. Introductions will include an interesting fact or question and information letting the reader know why they should read their paper! Stay tuned, we can’t wait to share!