The Dolphins happily participated in our annual ECE Helping Hands Sale! On Helping Hands Day, the ECE programs team up to raise money to shine light on the siblings and families of critically ill children in Los Angeles through a wonderful organization called the Elizabeth A. MacDonald Foundation (EAMF).  Elizabeth MacDonald is a former HSH parent, and we have teamed up with her in past years to host a sale at our school with all of the proceeds going to the EAMF!  The preschool and JK children create interesting and original items for sale, and we invite the entire school and all parents to shop till they drop!


The Dolphins were eager to start creating inspirational bracelets which promote our school lifestyle of positivity, kindness, mindfulness and empowering. Not only do they design the items for sale, but they actively participate in selling them too! The children are very proud of their work and are filled with great satisfaction knowing that the money they raise goes to a great cause!

At Hollywood Schoolhouse, we have compassionate children who care and look out for one another. In the Dolphin classroom, we have established a safe, engaging, and stimulating environment, and they are learning the importance of giving back and supporting others. We model kindness and discuss different ways in which we can help the world around us.