Do you love to read? Do you love to read with your children? In October and the first part of November, 4th graders were assigned the novel PIE by acclaimed author Sarah Weeks. Along with a pacing calendar, some rich discussion questions to guide their reading journey, and a warm, cozy space at home to read, students and their parents unpacked this story about family, friendship, and pie!


The vision for this assignment was one of connecting with one another as readers in a powerful and compelling way. Going into this journey, we were quite excited about the possibilities an experience like this could open- meaningful connections among families, parents connecting with their child as fellow readers, and simply delighting in the experience of a good book. The experience culminated in a special evening, on November 14th at HSH, where we all came together to have book club discussions. At the start of each chapter was one of Aunt Polly’s famous pie recipes. In honor of Aunt Polly, parents made over 17 different types of delicious pies for the evening. We all enjoyed every last bite- while schmoozing- before breaking into discussion groups. We delighted in connecting and in conducted interesting conversations amongst students and parents. The turnout was incredible with about 65 people in attendance!