Back in the day, “after school” meant walking home, grabbing a snack, and running back out the front door. You played with whoever lived in your neighborhood or you got on your bike and rode to a friend’s house. Today, during this global pandemic, after school looks very different for children.

We are aware of the amount of screen time our children are being exposed to during their normal school day hours, which is why we have been selective about what after school classes will look like for our Schoolhouse students. We know many of you are looking for activities while you continue to work out of your home.

In an effort to help families take advantage of the exceptional talent and resources that Los Angeles has to offer, without even having to leave your living room, we have designed an after school program that we believe will meet the many interests and curiosities of our students.

We are excited to introduce The Digital After Schoolhouse which will make its debut on April 20th for our Spring Session. We are offering online classes exclusively for HSH students with some of the most sought-after organizations in Los Angeles. We are excited to welcome our new partners – YADA, Shaolin Temple, Unicorn Music, Encore French Program, Digital Dragon, The Haiku Guys, and more to come – to our community. Of course, many of our beloved programs are still in place as well.

Ms. Pia Murphy will be overseeing all classes and curriculum. We have a registration website that should make sign-ups and payment much easier. Should you need any assistance or have any questions, please reach out to Pia at:

We look forward to seeing your child in action.

MONDAYS: 4/20, 4/27, 5/4, 5/11, 5/18, 5/25

Professor Egghead Super Power Science [K-3rd] 3:40-4:40 [$240] REGISTER HERE!

Join the Egghead Virtual Laboratory from the comfort of your home as we work through a brand new hands-on science experiment each week! Each week, you’ll receive a list of household materials to gather ahead of time, the topic and lesson for the week, and a link for the virtual laboratory! Then, we’ll guide everyone through our at home science lesson LIVE, show awesome demonstrations, and have a blast each week as we mix, stir, and learn. Come earn your degree the 2020 way – Online!

Latin American Culinary Journey [Pre-JK and K- 6th] 3:30-4:15 [$240] REGISTER HERE!

Kids will learn to cook authentic Mexican and South American cuisine in this fun, hands-on cooking class. Your chef teacher, Lynne, will take students on a culinary journey through Latin America while combining food, culture and science in each lesson. All recipes are nut-free & have vegetarian options. Exclusive recipes for Hollywood Schoolhouse families included in this session. Our goal is to teach kids to expand their palates, try new foods and learn a variety of fast, easy recipes they can make at home. Included:  a digital cookbook for all participants and on the last day of class, parents are invited to our Kid Restaurant, where the parents can see what their kids learned during the session. Get hungry to learn the art of cooking!!

JR Young Ninjas: The Little Focused Snake [Pre-JK] 3:15-4:00 [ $240 ] REGISTER HERE!

The snake is one of the most feared creatures in nature. However, while the stories of the snakes sneaky ability to slither and slide around with incredible precision, the snake is known for being “Focused.” In order to embody the snake, you must learn to grow by making thoughtful, tactful decisions before acting.

ABOUT OUR SENSEI’S: Young Ninjas Live stream classes are led by our high-energy Sensei’s from all over who introduce children to fundamental martial arts elements, like blocks, kicks, strikes, and the all important KI-YAH! By following along with your Sensei, each week children will participate in skill training, fun games, creative challenges, and some fun parent led activities and games. KI-YAH!

TUESDAYS: 4/21, 4/28, 5/5, 5/12, 5/19, 5/26

YADA – Youth Academy of Dramatic Arts Musical Theatre Workshop [K-3rd] 3:30-4:30

 [ $350 ] REGISTER HERE!

YADA -Youth Academy of Dramatic Arts Musical Theatre Workshop[4th-6th] 4:30-5:30


Join Virtual YADA – Youth Academy of Dramatic Arts at Hollywood Schoolhouse this Spring for an exciting new after school program…our online Broadway Bootcamp! This fun and specialized workshop will include learning the foundation of acting, dancing, singing, improv, and performance skills…everything you need to step on a stage with confidence! Sign up today and get ready to have a blast with us!

French Language Academy by Encore French Lessons: [K-6th] 3:40-4:40 [$300] REGISTER HERE!

Bonjour! Comment ça va? In this online class, students will be introduced to the French language through a blend of creative activities, including role plays, songs, and more. Thanks to online interactive French educational activities and other cooperative tools, online classes have proven to be effective, immersive and entertaining. The goal is to grow their curiosity not only towards the language but also to the culture and what makes it unique. It is also a great opportunity at their age to develop a perfect accent and get plenty of hands on experience with the use of authentic and original material for the most online French immersive experience, avec amour.

Professor Egghead Lego Time Travelers [K-3rd] 3:45-4:45 [ $280 ] REGISTER HERE!

It’s time.. to time travel! Join the Egghead Engineering crew as we hop in the time machine and go back to a world that we have to save! Cities are flooding, so we need to build a dam. We need more space, so Tall Towers have to scrape the sky. We have to get water to our new city: so it’s time to build some aqueducts! Each week, Eggheads conquer challenges as they build, design, and test ancient wonders on a scale unimaginable! At the end of the session, they’ll be certified Time Travelers, with a degree to prove it!

NEW Stretching & Movement with Ms. Pia [Pre-JK and K-2nd] 3:30-4:15 [$200 ] REGISTER HERE!

We’ve all been cooped up in the house way too long. Let’s get up and stretch our tight muscles, move our limbs and wake up our bodies. In this class, Ms. Pia will teach students how to properly stretch key areas of the body to enhance overall performance, stimulate joint health and prevent injuries by blending static (still) and dynamic (moving) stretches. Children will work on these basic skills, as well as building their confidence, memorization, large motor skills and much more!

Minecraft Academy FUNdamentals [K-1st] 3:40 – 4:25 [$350] REGISTER HERE!

If your student loves Minecraft, then help them take it to the next level with Redstone engineering! Minecraft structures will turn into Redstone wired fortresses with automatic lighting and secret doors. Students can create challenging obstacle courses with moving blockades and timed traps, as well as Redstone triggered Minecraft commands and command blocks that make creatures and structures do amazing things–from controlling the time and weather to spawning mobs and portals to other dimensions..

Minecraft Academy Redstone Commanders [2nd-6th] 4:30-5:30 [ $350 ] REGISTER HERE!

Calling all Minecrafters! Whether your student has never played Minecraft before, only experienced Minecraft on an iPad, or they’ve ventured into the world of Minecraft: Java Edition, they’ll explore and learn and gain new depth on the educational possibilities of the expansive world of Minecraft.  They’ll hone computer, mouse, and keyboard motor skills while exploring different climate biomes. They’ll practice basic electrical engineering principles through building simple machines with Redstone and experience inputting command codes with command blocks to change their environment.

Professor Egghead Lego Time Travelers [K-3rd] 4:45-5:45 [$280] REGISTER HERE!

Are you ready to get building? Join the Virtual Egghead Engineering Team each week as we design, build, and test our way through the fundamentals of some of the coolest structures and contraptions! Our Engineering Professors will guide Eggheads through LIVE lessons as we put our structures through the strength test, balance test, and tons more. All you need to start the fun is a variety of LEGO bricks – we’ll take it from there! Come earn your degree the 2020 way – Online!

WEDNESDAYS: 4/22, 4/29, 5/6, 5/13, 5/27

NEW Fitness, Cheers and Movements with Ms. Pia [Pre-JK and K-6th] 3:45-4:30 [$200 ] REGISTER HERE!

WE’VE GOT PRIDE, WE’VE SPIRIT! HSH LET ME HEAR IT! In this high energy class students will focus on the fundamentals of cheering. Ms. Pia will help you improve your pom & sideline dance skills with fun, active workouts. We all could use a little “cheering” up right now so let’s get moving!

Poetry HAIKU  by the Haiku Guys [2nd-6th] 3:00-3:45 [$300] REGISTER HERE!

Historically, haiku is a Japanese form of poetry that uses images from nature to represent a specific feeling. These poems are tiny, usually three lines long, and only let you have a certain number of syllables (17, to be exact: 5-7-5). But with poetry, rules are made to be broken.

Children are naturally the best poets. At every turn in their young lives, something new is observed, consumed, learned. Not yet tethered to arbitrary grammatical rules nor fear of judgement, their language comes from the heart and their expression is genuine.

One professional poet needs the help of fourteen children to recover from Writer’s Block. We’ll learn about haiku poetry and search for inspiration, drawing from the world around us so that we can write our own! And even though we’ll be staying safe inside, we’ll brainstorm on how we can share our poems with others in creative ways. At the end of the program, everyone will finalize their own collection of poetry and contribute to a collaborative class anthology.

Shaolin Kung Fu by Shaolin Temple [K-6th] 2:40-3:25 [ $300 ] REGISTER HERE!

Hollywood Schoolhouse has received special permission from the Shaolin Temple in China to teach it’s official program at HSH by an authentic Shaolin Kung Fu instructor. Your child will be instructed in the real martial art of Kung Fu as taught at the Shaolin Temple in China, a very rare opportunity. Kung Fu is the study of Human Potential and a person who is good at Kung Fu is in constant awareness of self development, so yes, we teach martial arts, but that is just one aspect. We also teach students to cultivate themselves through the practice of morality, meditation, and wisdom.

THURSDAYS: 4/23, 4/30, 5/7, 5/14, 5/21, 5/28

NEW Dance Academy with Ms. Pia [K-6th] 4:15-5:15 [$200] REGISTER HERE!

Calling all dancers! Dance provides an outlet for children to be physical as well as musical. This class is specifically designed for dancers grades K-6th and will incorporate foundational values needed by dancers of at all levels. Each week Ms. Pia will crank up the music, teach cutting-edge choreography and share her tips for adding your own personality to a routine. Be prepared to get creative by helping to come up with fun ideas that will be added to choreography.

NEW Sing-a-long & Dance with Ms. Pia [Pre-JK] 3:30-4:15 [$200] REGISTER HERE!

“Do you wanna build a snowman?” Well, Ms. Pia does and she needs your help. Come sing-a-long to your favorite tunes and learn some fun dance moves. Students should prepare to be actively moving from start to finish and have water nearby. Let’s get up, let’s get moving, let’s SING! I can guarantee much like Genie said to Aladdin, “you’ve never had a friend like me.”

NEW Mr. Steven’s Stand-Up Comedy & Joke Writing Academy [4th-6th] 4:30-5:30 [$200] REGISTER HERE!

In this class, geared for upper elementary, students will learn how to structure, deliver, and perform comedy for an audience. Learn the anatomy of joke writing for performance and develop your own stage presence. Two skills that will help you throughout your school and professional careers. Do you enjoy watching comedians on television? Think you’re funny? Try it for yourself. Find the COMEDY in you!

FRIDAYS: 4/24, 5/1, 5/8, 5/15, 5/22, 5/29

NEW Ms. Alena’s Unicorn Music Academy [Pre-JK] 3:30-4:15 [$200] REGISTER HERE!

Our intention at Unicorn Music Academy is to inspire the child’s musical ear, speech patterns, and physical development in order to build a strong foundation for instrument and vocal readiness. At UMA, we believe in a holistic approach to teaching. We focus on the whole child, by practicing mindfulness, gratitude, and using our music sharing and love as a catalyst for inspiration and play.

NEW Jazzercise with Ms. Pia [Pre-JK and K-6th] 4:30 – 5:30 [$200] REGISTER HERE!

Tired of sitting in the same position quarantined at home? Let’s get up, increase our heart rate and have fun with these simple moves. With an aerobic class feel, Ms. Pia is sure to get you excited to move while you’re inside. Her high energy will invite students to actively participate and keep them moving through the combinations with ease. Make sure to have lots of water, comfortable clothing and your dancing shoes.

NEW Dungeons & Dragons presented by Digital Dragon (Chromebook, PC, MAC) [4th- 6th] 3:30 – 5:30 [$300] REGISTER HERE!

Digital Dragon has used D&D in our game design instruction for years because a well crafted game has a lot to teach us whether we’re exploring digital or analog realms. Students will learn the basics of the current and enormously popular “5th edition” rule set for Dungeons and Dragons and talk about the different ways in which players and enthusiasts engage with the game. Our DM will teach each student how to build their character, how to cooperatively build an engaging story, and even how to be the DM for their own game.  A few things will be different about this than most after school classes. It is only possible to run this game with up to 6 characters, if more students want to participate, we can allow kids to share characters. Also, it’s a time intensive game, so we’ll Zoom for 2 hours weekly (with a 10 minute break).

Chess Academy  [1st–3rd Grade] 3:30-4:30 [$200] REGISTER HERE! 

At this popular online academy we introduce chess to students in a fun and exciting way! For all students and all levels, we teach students to play chess and help them succeed in school by stimulating their problem-solving skills, analytical skills, and critical thinking.