Stacey Koch, Director of Advancement |

Dear Hollywood Schoolhouse |

What a year to be celebrating your 75th Anniversary. It’s actually quite appropriate in certain ways. When we were thinking about a theme for this milestone year, all of the uncertainties we’ve been facing lately made something glaringly obvious. You, Hollywood Schoolhouse, have been the community in which hundreds of students and families have leaned on through all sorts of times in their own lives and in our 75 year history. Anyone who really knows the Schoolhouse knows that community means something different around here. You may call it a little bit of magic or our hidden curriculum. Sometimes we call it inspired learning and fearless curiosity. No matter how long ago or how recently the Schoolhouse was your primary community, there is something that will always bind us together, even when we are apart as we’ve learned these past few months.

So this year as we celebrate 75 years of community, during a time when we have many questions, we find solace in knowing that Hollywood Schoolhouse is asking itself some important questions as well. How do we show up for each other during uncertain times? How can we ensure that our community reflects the Los Angeles community, and that more families have access to a Schoolhouse education? How do we celebrate all of the voices in our community? What does our neighborhood need from us right now? How can we continue to think strategically and boldly about our future? How do we educate the next generation of leaders? What will the world need of them?

As we ask ourselves these questions, we will have opportunities to be thankful for the strength of our community today, and over the past 75 years. So while our celebrations may be online for now, we’ll choose to look at this time as an apt backdrop for reflection and perspective.

Our blog this year is dedicated to Hollywood Schoolhouse’s 75th Anniversary. The entries that follow will all be letters to you, HSH — from our faculty, staff, and anyone else who would like to take part.

Here’s to you.