Nick Gonzales,  Student Support Associate |

Dear Hollywood Schoolhouse |

Happy 75th Birthday! As I move forward with the position as Student Support Associate, I want to extend a sincere thank you for recognizing who I am as an educator. I find myself with the humbling realization that I have been able to provide a unique social, emotional, and academic influence throughout various grade levels at Hollywood Schoolhouse. All because you believed in me. 

Throughout my time spent at The Evergreen State College, UCLA, UCR, and at HSH, I ’ve gained valuable knowledge that I’ve been able to filter through and apply toward the social, emotional, and academic success of our students here at The Hollywood Schoolhouse. I can remember walking on campus for the first time back in 2015. I felt nervous, inspired, alive and ready to work as an assistant, I gave those students everything I had and you encouraged me every step of the way. It was during that time when I fell in love with the feral nature of the Schoolhouse. I had no idea then that what I was formulating during those first few years would eventually act as the building blocks to a natural cadence, where I find my heart now. I have truly fallen in love with the challenges and triumphs that working as a student support associate has presented me. 

It is my hope that over the next 75 years that the schoolhouse builds a more encouraging and nurturing school to home life connection. It is my belief that the more we encourage this the better our children will be able to grow, not only as students but as global citizens. Honoring the diverse backgrounds of our Schoolhouse families is absolutely crucial over the next 75 years. I look forward to helping develop pedagogical approaches that enable empowerment and critical thought during this time. It is very important to me that we include a social justice framework when working with students and their families. I believe this will help everyone  grow and one day further help our students advocate for their own learning experiences. I am truly honored to be working at such a unique and loving school. I look forward to our time and growth together. Thank you for all the learning and experiences and all the good times. 


Mr. Nick