Ericka Franklin,  Second Grade Teacher |

Dear Hollywood Schoolhouse |

It’s Ms. Ericka Franklin here. You know, the second grade teacher that’s been working at the school for about ten years now. There’s a few things I have in my heart that I would like to share with you. First of all, thank you for what you have given me professionally, educationally, mentally, and emotionally. You have given me much more than you will ever know. You have given me the opportunity to know what it feels like to be a part of a community. You have provided me with a space to learn, grow and to be authentically me. It’s a good feeling to know that I am connected to a loving community.

Thinking back, there was a time I left you. I wanted to see what else was out there. I quickly realized there is no other place like you. I was called back to you. I returned to lead the  Junior Kindergarten class…go Penguins! Then I moved on to become one of the second grade teachers. I have been lucky to work alongside many wonderful team members and colleagues. I have learned so much from all the students, families, staff and administrators who have entered your doors.  

Hollywood Schoolhouse, I want to  thank you for showing up for me during high times and low times. You celebrated with me as I took a big leap and decided to marry the love of my life. You even showed up for me at one of my lowest points.  I felt your love. I felt your support. I felt cared about at a time when I needed you most…thank you! I will never forget how you came through. When I think about it, I can say this school is actually a part of saving my life.  I am actually able to write this letter because being at school helped in saving my life. When I think of how you have been there for me, three words come to mind. Those words are support, community, and connection. These three words really resonate when I think about my time here with you.

Looking ahead at your future, my only hope for the next 75 years is that all who walk through your doors are lucky enough to experience a place where connection, support, and community are felt. Continue to provide a space for all to feel your love, warmth, and kindness. Most of all, continue to live up to your mission of inspiring all to be academically strong, artistically proud, physically active, and socially grounded.

I can only hope I have and will continue to leave my mark on you, like you have left a mark on me and so many others.  I want to emulate you. I want to support others, make people feel like they are a part of the community, and I want to make lifelong connections with as many people as possible. I know Hollywood Schoolhouse will be around for many more years to come, continuing to touch the lives of those who enter it’s doors…thank you, Hollywood Schoolhouse!


Ms. Ericka