Stacy Veith,  1st Grade Lead Teacher |

Dear Hollywood Schoolhouse |

Wow! 75 years and still going strong. To think I have been a part of it for the last 28 years. We have gone through so much together; we have witnessed sorrow, celebratory achievements, and built a strong understanding of who we have become. 1992 seemed so long ago. My first job right out of graduating from UCLA. I wasn’t sure what I was doing but Debbie Wehbe took a chance with me. From that day forward, spending a week at the Hollywood Little Red Schoolhouse (yes, that is what the school was called back then) I fell in love and knew I wanted to become a teacher.

As I sit here and reflect on the years I have been with you, three words come to mind: family, passion, and trust.

You are family. There hasn’t been a day where I didn’t feel loved and supported by you. You have picked me up when I feel frustrated or sad; supported me when trying new ideas; and pushed me to constantly grow as an educator. Not only did you do this for me but you did it for my daughter as well.  From preschool through 6th grade, my daughter, Lotte flourished. Growing up here, she became socially grounded through the encouragement from her teachers and giving her opportunities to take chances and feel supported. Thank you, Hollywood Schoolhouse.

One thing you do not lack is passion. One of the most important elements in teaching and I get to see it every day when I come on campus. I see it when I walk by the early childhood teachers tirelessly creating their classrooms to match their student’s passion projects. I go upstairs and see 4th grade putting up posters and rearranging their classrooms getting ready for the March Madness Math Competition. I veer over to Ms. Nichole’s music room where she is teaching children half and whole notes through body movement, stick tapping, and drawing. Classrooms are being transformed, teachers are coming to school in costumes, and amazing projects are being made. There is a commitment and dedication these teachers have and I am proud to be among them. Thank you, Hollywood Schoolhouse.

Trust is an important word and one not to take lightly. It is a word that is earned and valued. I believe as an educator you must have that trust and I know you have built it and made it become one of the core values at our school. 75 years later, HSH families still drop off their children trusting us to take care of them, support them, educate them, and most importantly make them feel valued. Thank you, Hollywood Schoolhouse.

As I come to the end of this letter, I encourage you to continue to grow and build the legacy that you have created. 75 years strong and 75 more years stronger. Remember Hollywood Schoolhouse, we will always be strongly committed to our work and strive to inspire our students and awaken their desire to learn.


Ms. Stacy