Ms. Nicole and Ms. Cassandra’s Kindergarten class has been busy both in the classroom and in their metaphorical kitchen! Guest Chef is a Kindergarten tradition that brings families of Kindergarteners into the classroom once a week for a unique cooking experience. Guest Chef is an important part of the Kindergarten curriculum, as the hands-on experience helps students understand the procedural aspect of putting together a meal. Whether it’s spreading peanut butter onto a slice of bread, making fruit kabobs, candying apples, or making fresh guacamole, each process and step is always a delight. It is also a wonderful way to blend our family and school communities while strengthening our listening, direction following, and teamwork skills. Sometimes the dishes are a group effort, such as our guacamole and tzatziki sauce making. Other times, assembling delectable ice cream sandwiches is more of a solo job. Balancing healthy, yummy, and Kindergarten-friendly dishes is an adventure we are always willing to take!