Wondering what 2nd Grade has been up to? Second graders have been busy learning about soil, composting, and earthworms. They used rocks to crush bark, and leaves, sand, and plant roots to make their own soil. Students learned about the benefits of composting by bringing in a variety of kitchen scraps. Then they created their own compost bin by layering soil and kitchen scraps into an empty gallon sized water bottle. The next step was to observe and see what changes happened.

Another exciting topic the 2nd Graders have been exploring is earthworms. The students had the opportunity to hold and measure real earthworms. Some of the children were really excited about feeling them and looking up close at their bodies. For some children touching the earthworms was a challenge! Overall, the students have had an outstanding time exploring these topics. We teachers do our best to give all children a hands-on experience, and hope this one made their learning fun and memorable!