Dinosaur Passion Project

The Sea Turtles learned all about dinosaurs for a child’s passion project. He taught us that dinosaurs hatch from eggs and that some were carnivores and some were omnivores. Over the week we became paleontologists and dug for real fossils, created our own Jurassic world, hatched dinosaur […]

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Superhero Art with the Pandas

The Pandas recently created their own superhero characters. They have been practicing their writing and fine motor skills through our Handwriting Without Tears program. As they grow comfortable forming the letters with big and little lines and curves we used the same vocabulary to build […]
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The Dolphins and Mat Man

The Dolphins are exploring the world of Mat Man through music and building. During our whole group activity the Dolphins worked together and created Mat Man. Mat Man is a character from our Learning without Tears program that teaches drawing with a unique approach […]

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Performance News

HSH Performance Classes are excited about all the wonderful shows they are preparing for this school year.  The Kindergarten has already presented a choreographed piece to the song “Free To Be, You And Me,” and the 5th and 6th Graders performed, a two part choral piece titled, […]

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The Lions’ Imagination Safari

The Lions recently traveled to Africa to explore lions and many other safari animals, magically without leaving our campusFirst they learned some fun facts about each animal, and eventually they ended with a safari adventure. The Lions’ safari was complete with explorer outfits and binoculars, as the […]

2018-10-03T15:17:54+00:00September, 2018|Early Childhood|

Special Guest Reader in the Preschool

Recently, our Preschool friends had a very special guest reader visit their classroom. Ella is a 6th Grade student at HSH. Ella began her time at Hollywood Schoolhouse as a Caterpillar when she was two years old! During her time in Preschool, her dad, Rudi, wrote and illustrated a book about her […]

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Mindful Bears

The Bears have been excited to come into their new classroom and meet such a wonderful group of friends. As we settle into a new school year, our friends have been enjoying our Mindfulness Meditation each morning. We are learning what meditation is and […]

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