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NAIS People of Color Conference

Several members of our faculty attended the National Association of Independent Schools People of Color Conference this past week. Below are some of the reflections they shared about the conference and their individual experiences.

I’ve been looking into Robin Wall Kimmerer’s idea of gift economy, which suggests that conceiving of something as a gift profoundly changes […]

2023-12-05T17:17:06-07:00December, 2023|Schoolhouse Scribble|

Voicing Our Values: Individuality

My name is Audrey Gorden, and I’m an assistant teacher in first grade. What has truly captivated me during my time at HSH is the emphasis on individuality among both students and staff. Despite their grade or classroom, each child is known as an individual among peers and teachers. In addition, we have […]

2023-11-29T10:48:09-07:00November, 2023|Uncategorized|

Grandparents and Special Friends Day

Family is such a vital and valuable part of life. Whether it is the immediate family we see every day or the extended family we may not see in person that often, the support and love that a family network provides is unparalleled. When we at HSH get to meet members of your family that […]

2023-11-28T10:20:08-07:00November, 2023|Schoolhouse Scribble|

A Moment of Thanks

Dear Parents,
I want you to know how much we appreciate you!  Being a parent in today’s world is hard. You have many expectations that are placed upon you from all avenues of life. There are pressures to make it to every event, to work tirelessly to provide for your child, and to anticipate every event […]
2023-11-01T10:51:20-07:00November, 2023|Schoolhouse Scribble|

Voicing Our Values: Diversity

When I think about Hollywood Schoolhouse, one of the nouns that quickly comes to my mind is the word “diversity”. On any given day, one has to merely glance at the different faces amongst students and faculty members to see why HSH takes so much pride in highlighting differences in cultures and backgrounds. […]

2023-10-30T08:13:54-07:00October, 2023|Schoolhouse Scribble|

The After Schoolhouse

After school classes have been going incredibly well! We have a great group of students and teachers that have been sharing in a variety of enrichment class options. From Coach Joe’s Basketball Clinic to Professor Egghead’s Explorers, there’s something for every student in the HSH After Schoolhouse!

Some of the wonderful options of classes […]

2023-10-10T22:46:12-07:00October, 2023|Schoolhouse Scribble|

Parental Involvement on Campus

I want to take a moment to recognize our Parent Association and the wonderful contributions to community life they have made thus far this year.

Having parents on campus is a wonderful part of HSH community life. You are valued members of our HSH family, but those of us on campus do not […]

2023-10-05T15:35:12-07:00October, 2023|Schoolhouse Scribble|

Our Sustainable Commitment

I want to take a moment to recognize our growing commitment to sustainability, both through schoolwide initiatives and individual efforts.

The Parent Association has committed to reusing and recycling during their events. There will be water bottle filling stations at every event, and greater focus will be put on sustainably produced decorations that can […]

2023-10-03T15:47:39-07:00September, 2023|Schoolhouse Scribble|

Dear Hollywood Schoolhouse

Stacey Koch, Director of Advancement |

Dear Hollywood Schoolhouse |

What a year to be celebrating your 75th Anniversary. It’s actually quite appropriate in certain ways. When we were thinking about a theme for this milestone year, all of the uncertainties we’ve been facing lately made something glaringly obvious. You, Hollywood Schoolhouse, have been the community in […]

2020-11-03T19:36:06-07:00November, 2020|News|
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