Our 3rd Grade friends have embarked on a journey filled with inspired learning and fearless curiosity. As a new 3rd Grade teacher at Hollywood Schoolhouse, this school year has already rewarded me with what I am sure will be life-long lessons. Even as an educator, I learn from the wisdom that my students share daily.
Each day we find creative ways to share our interpretations of the world around us. So far this year, we have covered a multitude of academic and social-emotional topics. Academically, we have studied and applied content such as multiplication, division, and the commutative property. Socially, our 3rd Graders have enjoyed the opportunity to meet with their buddy class bi-weekly where they share lessons learned, help build literacy, and set positive examples for their younger friends.
We are looking forward to what the rest of this year has to offer our class!
-Ms. Ebone