Grade 5-6 Lead Teacher,
Math and History

Narbé Mansourian

Mr Narbé is excited to begin his 20th year at Hollywood Schoolhouse. He was born in Paris of Armenian parents, and split his childhood living in France and Iran, before moving permanently to the United States at the start of 7th Grade. He attended the French-American School of Los Angeles for Middle School, before going to Crescenta Valley High School. After receiving his Bachelor of Arts degree from Occidental College, Mr Narbé formed his own tutoring company, “Educ-Aid”, with his team assisting children and adults in various subjects. In 2001, he joined the Hollywood Schoolhouse family, where he initially taught Math, Spanish, and French in Middle School. A math, sports, politics, current events, science and history buff, Mr Narbé loves to incorporate and bring his passion and knowledge of the world into the classroom.

In his spare time, Narbé loves to play and follow sports, especially soccer and rugby. He is an eleven-time world champion at the bench press, having beaten various world records in different federations in the process. He loves to use this platform to raise money and awareness for Muscular Dystrophy in children. Narbé is also very passionate about Pilates, and practices it whenever he can. Other activities that Narbé enjoys are reading, writing, poetry, plays, movies, museums, hiking, backpacking, and traveling. He speaks five languages and can read/write in three different alphabets. He is currently teaching himself Italian. Narbé’s two children, Emily and Daniel, are also students at the Hollywood Schoolhouse. He loves to coach their soccer teams, and take them to fun events such as children’s theatre, camping, and museums.

“What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven in the lives of others.”