Madeline Garcia

Madeline Garcia has been a part of the HSH community for 21 years and an employee for the past 13 years. She was born in the Bronx, NY of Puerto Rican parents.

Madeline was happily married on Halloween to her loving husband, Braulio. She is the proud parent of 4 children, all of whom are now HSH alums. Kristopher, her oldest, graduated in 2003, Michael in 2007, Julian in 2011, and her baby girl, Melina, in 2012. Madeline thought it would be hard to not have any of her children at work with her on a daily basis, but HSH is like her home. Even though her children are not physically with her, she sees them in so many ways all around the campus -- from the tree bench in the preschool, the tile wall by the dance room, the plaques in the Front Office and Founders' building, to the bell in the courtyard.

Every day at HSH is different and Madeline truly loves that. You can find her in the Front Office, next to her space heater, updating files, working on report cards, making calls for missing lunches, giving out bandaids, or just handing out a daily morning sticker.

Favorite Food:
Arroz con gandules and maduros
Favorite Book:
Oh the Places You'll Go
Favorite Album:
V, Maroon 5
Favorite Song:
Vivir Mi Vida, Marc Anthony
Favorite HSH Event/Tradition:
Harvest Festival