Dear Parents,
I want you to know how much we appreciate you!  Being a parent in today’s world is hard. You have many expectations that are placed upon you from all avenues of life. There are pressures to make it to every event, to work tirelessly to provide for your child, and to anticipate every event before it happens. We are also aware that some of the changes we made this fall added even more events to your plate. We appreciate your efforts and love seeing you on campus whenever you are able to be here. At Hollywood Schoolhouse, we know that community. We are committed to being partners with your parenting experience at school. Your being a part of this community creates a network that every member can lean on, so we can support you while you in turn support us.
The 5th and 6th Grade families that have provided Teacher Treat Days have both gone above and beyond to make our staff feel appreciated and valued. I cannot express how many times I heard from staff members, both individually and simply passing by, how much they appreciated the treats that were presented to them with such thought and care. I know that it was not easy, especially in the middle of a busy, chaotic admissions season, to make time to provide those special moments. I thank each and every one of you and acknowledge both the sacrifice of your time and the effort you put into those treats.
By now all of the parent potlucks have happened, and I have been happy to hear from so many of you that your time was well-spent and appreciated by all. Whether your grade chose to host your event on campus or off, I hope you felt the magic that is Hollywood Schoolhouse in the air.
–Ms. Ilise