Voicing Our Values: Individuality

My name is Audrey Gorden, and I’m an assistant teacher in first grade. What has truly captivated me during my time at HSH is the emphasis on individuality among both students and staff. Despite their grade or classroom, each child is known as an individual among peers and teachers. In addition, we have […]

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Grandparents and Special Friends Day

Family is such a vital and valuable part of life. Whether it is the immediate family we see every day or the extended family we may not see in person that often, the support and love that a family network provides is unparalleled. When we at HSH get to meet members of your family that […]

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A Moment of Thanks

Dear Parents,
I want you to know how much we appreciate you!  Being a parent in today’s world is hard. You have many expectations that are placed upon you from all avenues of life. There are pressures to make it to every event, to work tirelessly to provide for your child, and to anticipate every event […]
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