Dinosaur Passion Project

The Sea Turtles learned all about dinosaurs for a child’s passion project. He taught us that dinosaurs hatch from eggs and that some were carnivores and some were omnivores. Over the week we became paleontologists and dug for real fossils, created our own Jurassic world, hatched dinosaur […]

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Ms. Lisa’s Tech Lab

The 6th Grade brought in their Public Service Announcements, conceived and researched in Ms. Abi’s class, in order to create posters for display. The students used Google Drawings, searched images and reviewed text formatting in order to create compelling notices, intent on persuading you to become aware […]

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4th Grade Poetry Cafe

4th Grade is exploring a Poetry Unit. Students have been listening to four of William Shakespeare’s tragedies/comedies being read aloud by different faculty members, then write different types of poems based on the themes inspired by these plays: Romeo and Juliet (Acrostic), Macbeth (Haiku), A Midsummer Night’s […]

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With Open Hands

This week, our 3rd Grade students started their first cross-curricular novel study with the novel “With Open Hands.” This novel highlights the story of Bridget “Biddy” Mason, a heroine who was born into slavery and when freed, she used her voice and power to help others.  Through reading her […]

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Cooking in Kindergarten

Ms. Nicole and Ms. Cassandra’s Kindergarten class has been busy both in the classroom and in their metaphorical kitchen! Guest Chef is a Kindergarten tradition that brings families of Kindergarteners into the classroom once a week for a unique cooking experience. Guest Chef is an important part of […]
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