Second Grade Students Travel to Chinatown

The 2nd Grade classes recently took a trip to Chinatown!
It is a 2nd Grade tradition to venture off to Chinatown via The Metro. As a way to prepare for our trip, we read stories in class about a subway station, and celebrating Lunar New Year. We discussed subway safety and etiquette prior to our […]
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The Chinese Art of Making Paper

In History, 6th Graders recently learned that the Ancient Chinese were the first to invent modern day paper. With the help of Mr. Dean in Science class, the students were able to make their own Chinese paper. Once the paper dried, the students were able to write on it using a Chinese […]
2018-04-16T17:18:28+00:00March, 2018|Upper Elementary|

Penguin Art

The children in the Penguin class have been exploring a unit on art thanks to Ms. Esmeralda’s Passion Project. Her poster board demonstrated some of her favorite styles such as marble, geometric, and mosaic art. The students also read the book The Dot, a great story that encouraged self-expression. The Penguins also read Emily’s […]
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100 Days of School

On February 26th, our 1st Grade friends celebrated 100 days of school. ​It was an exciting day ​for all of the children and involved many creative projects, STEAM challenges, and engaging math lessons.​
Here are some of the activities the children did:
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