The Caterpillars Enjoy Grandparents and Special Friends Day

The caterpillars were thrilled to welcome their grandparents and special friends to spend the day with them in school just before the Thanksgiving holiday break. As their special guests arrived, the Caterpillars gave their grandparents and special friends a tour of their classroom and the Preschool Yard. Once their morning began, the Caterpillars sat for […]

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Arrays All Around Us

3rd Grade has been working on strategies of multiplication in Math recently. They have been practicing making equal groups, arrays, using a number line, and properties of multiplication. Students took a walk around campus to identify all the arrays they saw and related them to multiplication. For example, the lattice in the lunch court is […]

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The Life of Van Gogh

In 4th Grade, students are learning about the life of Vincent Van Gogh. They studied his style of Post-Impressionism and also examined the details of his Starry Night painting. Students talked about the short brush stroke style all throughout the painting. They also discussed what other elements of art Van Gogh used and pointed out […]

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Public Service Announcements from Ms. Abi’s Students

Recently, in Ms. Abi’s Current Events class, students made Public Service Announcements to educate one another about some important issues going on in the world. Research topics included earthquakes, bullying, homelessness, LGBTQ rights, and economic inequality, among others. This project was a great experience for Ms. Abi’s students, as they had a chance to identify […]

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The Lions “Travel” the World

To kick off Passion Projects in Preschool, some of our students’ favorite teachers started the projects off by presenting on some of their own passions!

For example, Ms. Miriam loves to travel, and shared her passion with the Lions who all traveled to Japan, India, and Cuba for her passion week!

Destination #1: Japan
While in Japan, the […]

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Spelling Basketball

2nd Grade is a year in which students focus on strengthening their knowledge of words and their spelling. One way Ms. Ericka helps her students review their spelling and sight words is by playing a game called “Spelling Basketball”.  During this game a student from each team has an opportunity to come up and spell a […]

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The Perks of Being a 1st Grader

There are many perks of being a 1st Grader, but a major highlight is getting to be an older buddy to an ECE friend. Up until this year, the 1st Graders have always been the younger buddies, but this year they get to facilitate, assist, guide, and serve as a role model to younger friends.

To […]

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