6th Grade Speaker Series

This year, our 6th Grade students are enjoying a special Speaker Series featuring different HSH parent speakers. Each month, our 6th Grade students enjoy lunch with a guest speaker to hear more about their career path, personal life, and any advice for our students as they think about the next steps in their own lives! […]

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Dr. Jane Goodall Visits HSH

Hollywood Schoolhouse students, families, and community members were honored to host Dr. Jane Goodall on campus on Sunday, October 8th as she shared stories ab

out her life’s work and celebrated 40 years of the Jane Goodall Institute. From sharing her message of ‘hope’ to delighting event guests […]

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Chicka Chicka Boom Boom in Kindergarten

Ms. Cricket’s class has been having lots of fun with upper and lowercase letters! One of our favorite books they’ve read recently was Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. In class, they incorporated a STEAM activity to go along with the story. The class worked in teams to build a three-dimensional […]

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Healthy Habits in P.E.

This week in PE, HSH students are learning how to move all over again. Whether they know how to run or not, students have been practicing moving their bodies and making sure they understand how and why we move the way they do. We do this by doing drills that involve running while […]

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The Busy Bears Practice Mindfulness

As we start the new school year, the Busy Bears have been learning the beauty of mindfulness meditation. During their practice, the Busy Bears have been focusing their attention on their breath. As they inhale, they pretend to smell a flower and as we exhale we pretend to blow a candle. Recently, they […]

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Mr. Dean’s Campus and Community Connection Elective

The Campus and Community Connection elective with Mr. Dean boasts the benefits of getting outdoors and providing campus and community improvements such as small campus projects and community cleaning. Beyond the obvious benefits to the community and the environment, cleaning up our campus and neighborhood is a simple project that students really connect […]

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Exploring Air in 1st Grade

Our 1st  Grade friends have taken flight in the subject of Science! We are starting the year learning about air and weather. The unit opened with a discussion about what we already know about air: “We breath air”, “Air comes out of the walls”, “Trees make air”. The children then spent the next […]

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Dancing Raisins in 2nd Grade

Ms. Ericka’s 2nd Graders are beginning a scientific study of solids, liquids, and gases.  Throughout the unit they will observe the properties of many solids, liquids, and gases and through multiple investigations, students will learn how to communicate, compare, and organize their thinking process and inquiries.  

As an intro to the […]

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Chance Composition in the Art Studio

Welcome to a brand new school year in the Art Studio! In 4th Grade we began the year by studying Chance Composition. Chance in a composition is when an artist creates something out of a mistake and makes it into a different composition altogether. Chance in Art can be […]

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The Lions Go On Safari

The Lions class traveled to Africa recently to learn all about lions and other animals you might see on a safari including giraffes, zebras, and elephants. The Lions made lion masks, safari animal crafts, and danced to African folk music. They also played the djembe drums, did animal dress-up, and went on a […]

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