HSH 3rd Graders Visit Watts Towers

Just recently, HSH 3rd Graders had the opportunity to visit the Watts Towers! Students were in awe of the amazing structure of the towers and the colorful tiles that adorned them. Their tour guide, Mr. James taught the students that an Italian immigrant, Sam Rodia, created this massive landmark all alone, using the simplest of […]

2017-08-31T17:11:22+00:00February, 2017|Lower Elementary|

A Library Update from Ms. Sarah

Over the past few weeks, the Schoolhouse library has been like a nest for me and my passion for reading. This space has also proven to be a haven for students and their creative ideas about some of the most important themes in our lives: honesty, kindness, individuality and respect. I have so enjoyed crafting […]

2017-10-06T23:46:04+00:00February, 2017|Enrichment|

Compost and Earthworms in 2nd Grade

Wondering what 2nd Grade has been up to? Second graders have been busy learning about soil, composting, and earthworms. They used rocks to crush bark, and leaves, sand, and plant roots to make their own soil. Students learned about the benefits of composting by bringing in a variety of kitchen scraps. Then they created their […]

2017-08-31T17:11:49+00:00February, 2017|Lower Elementary|
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