All year long, 1st Graders focus on different authors, monthly. We pay attention to their writing style, artistic expression, messaging, and of course enjoy the literature. Additionally, our readers get to focus on these elements across subject areas; researching the authors’ websites in technology, creating author inspired art pieces in art, and exploring the authors’ many titles in library class.  

To start the year, we love to read Todd Parr books! Todd Parr’s books focus on diversity and the unique differences between all of us. He illustrates with fun, vibrant colors and uses silly characters to express his messages.
Many of his books also highlight the ways families and individuals can be different. In 1st Grade, we spend the year spotlighting each child, celebrating their differences. So, Todd Parr helps us to begin this subject in a fun, relatable way.  
In class, we like to use his books to spark conversations and create fun writing activities. Using The Feel Good Book, the children shared things that make them feel good. Some answers included: “It feels good when I am dancing.” “It feels good when I invent new things.” “It feels good when I play with my friends.”  Then, practicing our cutting skills and using a variety of colors, the artists created a scene to match their sentences. In the end, we all felt good sharing the things that make us feel good.